1. I’m actually re-listening to everything to try to connect them. I do remember there being a connection with kids part of the mosque playing basketball with non-Muslim Woodlawn students. I do not know the source but it was said Bilal got hotel rooms for Adnan & Hae, and he also signed for Adnan’s cell phone. To me, if he was super close to Adnan in that way, he definitely could’ve had a connection to Jay. I get the feeling that it was a tight knit community whether you were Muslim or not. Here’s the thing too, this is my theory based on Adnan’s innocence. I do believe he’s innocent

  2. I think there’s some good points here, but also remember Adnan himself says in Serial that his emotions and responses about the case are always measured. SK clarifies this when she explains an inmate can’t be seen or heard trying to mess with potential witnesses… just saying that maybe he’s a little more loose discussing things that aren’t the case

  3. SK also mentioned he knows she's a reporter, and that she's almost expecting to catch him in a lie and he knows this - so he's a little guarded during their discussions. I imagine that could be the case with almost everyone in his life... how could you not help but wonder if they secretly think there's a change you might be guilty?

  4. He does know too much. And while the details changed constantly the major points never did... that was my thought initially - as SK put it: if Adnan is innocent he would have to be the unluckiest guy in the world for Jay's story to just happen to fill in the blanks of the day HLM died in a way that both implicates Adnan and makes even a little sense based on the known facts of the case.

  5. I really hope - for the sake of HML's family - they find definitive proof proving who did it, and justice is served.

  6. So is the implication that Bilal was involved with Hae's murder? If so what would the motive be? Also I'm fascinated the idea that Saad was involved somehow - I had not heard that theory before. I would love to hear a summary of the evidence pointing to this if anyone would be so kind as to indulge me while I pop my popcorn and continue watching this amazing circus.

  7. I have read other theories that speculate Adnan was one of Bilal’s victims. Adnan told Hae what was going on. Hae told him he needs to tell someone else (family, authorities, leaders at mosque, etc) of the pedophilic relationship. Adnan panics and tells Bilal. That gets the ball rolling on getting rid of Hae somehow. There were a lot more details in the theory I read to account for jay’s role but I couldn’t recount them without getting some of it wildly wrong.

  8. Haha, in this case there is somehow SO MUCH info and NOT NEARLY ENOUGH info at the same time. I do like this theory. I also read on another sub Jay played basketball with Adnan @ the mosque so that could explain how he (Jay) & Bilal may have known each other. Jay also worked @ a porn shop, right? So who knows - maybe he could have even known Bilal from there. Wild speculation on that though.

  9. It popped up to say hi on my parents wild game cam 👋 They live in Central Texas - the hill country, about an hour away from Austin.

  10. Could be, I mean there are dozens of them.

  11. Late to the party! :) I’ve read that he never filled the prescription AND that he filled it but only took one pill. Do we know for sure which it is? I’m curious because almost everyone on that trip mentioned how little Lars ate the whole time (odd for 20-something boys at an all inclusive resort). I was reading about the antibiotic he was prescribed - Cefuroxime - and it apparently should not be taken if the person is malnourished. It might be a stretch to call him malnourished but he was clearly eating substantially less for a group of dudes to notice. Even if he just took one at the hotel those side effects could have hit him hard and fast (I’m thinking of how, before he took off running at the airport, he said he didn’t want to die there). Definitely could have made him sick, delusional, feverish, paranoid.

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