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  1. /θ/ is one of the rarest sounds in English, and I can't think of many common words that actually require a distinction with the voiced version. "Th" already represents both sounds, so from my understanding, Þ advocates are more concerned with replacing that digraph rather than adding new letters.

  2. On the top of my head, i can think of two pairs. (Not including noun-verb pairs like teeth-teethe) Thigh-Thy Æther-Either

  3. As a Caviteno, yes devs please nerf this the RNG is too bad

  4. Wait, can you zombify and cure a villager more than once to get lower and lower prices? I knew it worked the first time but does it stack?

  5. just dont forget you need to be on hard mode

  6. Digraphs for the win because cell phones exist

  7. the op gets downvotrd with every comment he makes on his own post 💀💀💀

  8. Should be expected when people are offering you actual help and you reply like a faggot

  9. Same here. Hate ko ang atay. Pero may nag-iisang exception ako: Reno liver spread.

  10. balita ko napakalaska kumuha ng ram niyan

  11. Spider-Man: We Find Ways Home

  12. because the russian phoneme for sh and zh ARE the retroflex ones

  13. I just don't get napoleonic monarchism. Wasn't his whole deal that he became Emperor by merit rather than heritage?

  14. Yes but my proclaiming himself emperor, he has literally paved the way for his descendants now, regardless of merit

  15. instead just make a featural script but don't copy hangul ok?

  16. I dont get what you mean by this, OP is just trying to fit Hangul into German orthography for fun, whats with that?

  17. Yea i was having second thoughts about specifying him as CubeHead, but i left only the name as a clue for the real fans

  18. Why no one appreciate my boy Milan? He's one of the best cubers imo

  19. I didn't see there were multiple pictures and thought you only had 1 cube in your collection as a joke 🗿

  20. So 'winning' is considered to be connected to 'eating' and 'beating'? Interesting

  21. prolly not, the 'eating' part is just a phonological hint about the word as the word to drink is 'trink' the same ending sound as to win, 'venk'

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