1. No. Phillip does not love Martha. Martha hates Phillip and would not want to see him anyway; she knows he used her and ruined her life. She is stuck in Russia and can’t even tell her parents what happened.

  2. Is it? I felt that overtime Philip developed emotions and respect for Martha. And In Martha's head Russia is the cost of Love she has to pay. I believe they shared a genuine relationship irrespective of its dishonest nature.

  3. Lots of fruits- Mango, apple, grapes, pear, melon, musk melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, berries, Banana, oranges.

  4. What in your opinion is a country/city that completely blew you away, either from high expectancy and low delivery or something you knew would be bad but was shockingly good

  5. Hm, never gave it much thought but Mumbai seems to a right Answer to this question. The way this city works is astonishing.

  6. Fast and efficient or easy going at your own pace?

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