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  1. Reservations are for a whole table. With just two people you don't need one. During the week just show up about 2 to 3 pm. Weekends are harder, you need to show up before noon. That has been my experience.

  2. Set up a table in front of a local grocery store. Go to local businesses with your girl scout and have her do the selling.

  3. Just go. No guilt, no regrets. Traveling alone gives you time to think.

  4. Went there a couple of times. For me it was also the whole experience. I thought the beer was good. The food was also good. We had a nice view from our outside table. It's definitely worth a visit if you are anywhere near it or driving through the area.

  5. Last time I was there you had to have a ticket, available for purchase at the u-bahn stops.

  6. They are just looking for part numbers so they can buy the correct windshield from another source. We stopped dealing with windshields years ago. We do not sell, quote or order them unless it is a vehicle in our shop. When they're call for information that is exactly what we tell them.

  7. Beijing, China. Went to Beijing and was thinking it would be this great cultural experience. Big, dirty, smoggy, nasty city. The zoo was terrible, food was barely tolerable and I felt like everyone there was trying to take advantage of us. We were going to go to Xian but decided to just go home. Extremely disappointing.

  8. No idea why you would go to the zoo in Beijing. Plenty of cultural stuff to see… Great Wall, summer palace, forbidden kingdom, temple of heaven. Plus some newer things like 798 art district. The food is also really good if you pick the right spots. I’m guessing it’s harder as a tourist if you don’t speak mandarin though.

  9. Went to the zoo because my nine year old daughter wanted to go.

  10. We have a glass company that's local. All they ever do is call and get the OEM number on a windshield. So they can order the correct af glass from the catalog they have.

  11. We had this going on for years. Finally, we just started telling every glass shop that we don't deal with windshields. We don't quote them or sell them. Works great. Windshields are a complete pain in the ass.

  12. The shops around us that just call for little bullshit under $10 generally and want it delivered. Then half the time they return it. Also when a shop brings back a pile of parts to return without any invoices ( looking at you Big O).

  13. Fantastic! I keep thinking that's all that's left, then I see another post with more going to the soldiers.

  14. I recently did a four-day trip to Munich and it was my first trip to Europe as well. I also currently live in the US and I had an amazing time in Munich.

  15. Wow! Great write up. I would add that Frühlingsfest 2023 in Munich is April 21st to May 7th.

  16. I tried it for a short time. I don't think it did much or even anything for me.

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