1. I think I somehow convinced my dad to order the original Survivor Series. I must’ve done a ton of begging to make that happen.

  2. No one doubts the spousal abuse, but why would he work with Rock (and why would Rock work with him) if he’s that racist? Just money? They worked together for years as they both got bigger.

  3. What Hogan said is unacceptable and he deserves the punishment and the reputational damage, but I don’t think he hates all black people. He has generational racism you hear from a lot of people his age who haven’t grown. You see the same sort of homophobia and then transphobia in the next generation. Watching Rock promos can be very tough now. At the time people thought it was funny when it’s downright unacceptable now and then.

  4. A Cammeo from Santa Mick Foley. He won’t break Santa kayfabe, but he could give her Santa with a wrestling twist. Tell him a little about her, her being a new fan and ask that Santa maybe tell her a story or sing a song about wrestling and the holidays.

  5. I have never heard of Santa Mick Foley but if it’s anything like I imagine, it may possibly be a combination of the greatest things of all time

  6. He’s deep in Santa culture. Made a whole documentary about. I think you could actually combine it well with the belt idea. Have him finish up by saying he heard from his elves she recently won a match with a tough opponent, and you know what that means? A championship belt.

  7. I was never a fan of the way The Doctor treated Strax in the Snowmen.

  8. OP, you might as well have asked “What was living with Polio like before the ADA?”

  9. My grandmother passed away about 25 years ago, but I remember talking to her about this. She got polio as a child, and ended up in a wheelchair for the next 70 years or so. She said the ADA was the best thing that ever happened for her when it came to the disease, and heavily credited the Vietnam veterans and the people supporting them for helping finally pass it. When she was a young adult, it was largely about how they could adapt rather than how the world could adapt, so being somewhat fortunate, she was able to be trained as a court reporter (since it was a job she could do in a wheelchair).

  10. I went to the Grand Canyon in Janurary 15 years ago and it was great. ZERO crowds, clear blue skies, cool temperatures. It did snow on our last morning, but the rest of the stay was awesome.

  11. Yeah, I think Phoenix would be a good starting point. Very comfortable weather in January, plenty of choices of things to do there especially for people who like outdoor activities, and then you’ve got options of the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and San Diego not too far away.

  12. The weekend before everything quickly shutdown, spent it in crowds at a wrestling show and Silversun Pickups concert.

  13. I knew a guy in college in the late 90s who came back from a semester abroad in Germany. He told us he had discovered this amazing spread there, and packed as many jars as he could in his luggage. I had to break the news to him that they sold Nutella in our campus convenience store, a few hundred feet away. He was disappointed that his spread wasn’t so rare, but in the end happy that he could it get anytime he wanted it.

  14. A few years earlier, but I would change the meter day and time and the calibration code for the strips so I’d get a variety of readings across the time period.

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