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  1. So is this like Battle Ship where it just puts a mine where ever you click? Just randomly distributes 98 mines, then drops one mine when you click, where you click?

  2. It's supposed to tell you how many bombs are within 1 tile of the spot you right-click on. Then you can place a flag on where you think the mines are with left-click. There is no consequence to putting a flag down, except that you could be wrong and there is actually no mine there. When you click a tile, several of the tiles around it clear out. When the whole board is cleared you win.

  3. "They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it" ~George Carlin

  4. That kid is a dumbass hot head. Nothing new nothing fresh. Just young people being disrespectful, just in a politically correct way.

  5. To be 100% certain about anything that happens after we die is religious silliness. Nobody knows. Saying there definitely is No God is as egotistical as saying their is one that you understand.

  6. I mean, one state has state income taxes and the other doesn’t so

  7. Using property taxes instead of a statewide income tax means poor and rich areas get much different funding for public services. Poor urban areas, which people are forced to live in because of the atrocious minimum wage, don't get money for schools. Places like Dallas have some reaaaally bad situations. Then you still end up paying a lot of taxes, just through a different door (property taxes are higher). Then rich areas have some glorious 5a stadiums.

  8. Holy shit and he's from Poland. Let's just say WW2 didn't treat Poland well.

  9. I wonder if there's a universe where fundamental laws of physics are different. Like WTF the value of pi is suddenly 3.666531514 instead of 3.1415... I mean what kind of variables are we talking about? What are we limiting our scope to by our own expectations of what's out there in this or other possible universes.

  10. Not to be dismissive but... Do you remember what it was like before you were alive? No? I bet it's a lot like that. That doesn't seem so bad. Enjoy today and don't focus too heavily on the future or you will live in anxiety.

  11. That’s nice of you. Parasites do freak me out though. The idea of some little creature living inside me sucking my blood or something? Good god that gives me the willies.

  12. There are parasites that need nutrition from multiple hard to reach sources. So how do they get stuff that only frogs can make in the water? Well the frog is where the spawn are incubated as eggs. Then you have eggs ready to be moved into a bird, so it can leech a different vitamin or mineral it needs that you could never get in the water. Getting into that birds stomach is tricky though, but it would sure be easier if that frog was simply eaten by a bird. So the parasite changes the DNA of the frogs to make their back legs huge so they can't escape those hungry birds as easily. Which in turn gives it what it needs to leave the bird, matured a bit as poop and fall into the water to begin the cycle again. Yay nature.

  13. This type of stuff blows my mind. So are we seeing this in the past so far away?

  14. Definitely incredible and hard to believe. It's like if the sun blew up we wouldn't see it happen for 6 minutes when the light has gotten to Earth. Many of those stars we see are actually not there anymore, we just peer into the past.

  15. Biden has mostly been pretty moderate in his life by both Republican and Democrat standards if you look back a bit. To joke about him being incompetent is wrong, because both Trump and Bush were much less competent leaders, even if they do play the political game well. I mean they both lost by 3 million votes to end up in office anyways only to start breaking everything. Biden is in a world of absolute opposition to his efforts even when he is trying to benefit the complainers; so it is indeed difficult to find success within his efforts.

  16. Uh nobody is denying the past or forcing you to not teach any events of the past. So dont blow that up because you are basically lying. Politicizing history to come up with the ridiculous idea that somehow your white students are to blame for their ancestors racism not only makes the racial divide worse but you turn their minds off from listening to you.

  17. I mean a fun example are claims about slavery; when it starts in certain areas when it ends, etc... Some people don't want to call some of the women and children from the early 1800s as slaves at all. They were a form of servant. You know, the kind that isn't allowed to leave, and you get to keep because you owned their mother. Republicans are trying to not allow the truth to be told, they will be successful, and future generations will be a little more ignorant of past abuses. Misfortunes doomed to be repeated.

  18. And what grand, violence and crime free country are you from?

  19. I agree! but, food for thought...... London may have the same crime/assault rate as New York City, but they have a lost less crime related deaths, because getting stabbed is a lot less lethal than being shot.

  20. I have seen a video of a black bear sprint up a tree like a squirrel. Didn't break stride at all. I know it sounds like BS, but their big ass claws have grip and they can get 10 meters up before they slow down.

  21. "Tell me about something that made you smile this week?" People love to talk about themselves, and reflecting on good times is hopefully cathartic for both of you. It gives you a few footholds to jump into something less superficial than talking about traffic. It can be a 30 second conversation or it can also be a 30 minute one.

  22. I just wish I could have it without the actual mushrooms. They make me nauseous. I want an extract.

  23. I mince mine and put them into oatmeal, and break up a bunch of berries and honey.

  24. A couple great openers.... "Tell me something that made you smile this week" or "So uuh, like what do you think the meaning of life is?"

  25. They were intentionally kept away, there is court admitted evidence of that. It was planned several days ahead of time to big a big dangerous event with low security.

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