Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  1. He's definitely not. I'd go JT, Najee, Kupp, ekeler,Henry top 5. Then some order of chase, cook, Mixon

  2. You forgot Jefferson. With RBs now, I’d rather pick high upside WRs and then mid RBs like lenny, Damien Harris, etc. I think that’s the way to go nowadays

  3. This sub is full of cmc homers. I get that he was so good but as a cmc owner the last two years, you are absolutely fucking crazy to take him in the first few picks again. Good luck with that

  4. Short sighted prideful decision. Universal and Disney are competing sure. But they can both work together with the city and state to draw MORE people to Orlando in some circumstances.

  5. Former cm here. Believe it or not, Disney world in FL actually doesn’t want to appeal to locals at all anymore as opposed to universal or Disneyland in CA.

  6. Thank you, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced, but I remind myself I am blessed to have two healthy children and a happy life filled with support. Gratuity for what I have kept me hanging on when it felt like I was a fraying thread away from losing my mind.

  7. That’s the thing most conservative Christian’s don’t seem to realize. Abortion is a terrible situation that no one wants to go through. I’m sure there are a very small minority of people that do it for the wrong reasons but the vast majority of women who get abortions are doing it for medical reasons

  8. Go to a protest. The chants there are pissed at the democrats, and vote blue no matter who, etc. They have been voting for dems for decades and have gotten nothing for it and they know.

  9. Democrats are a do nothing loser party. The only ones who disagree with this are liberals

  10. We bought with a 2.5% fixed rate. Is it really that good to have a rate like that? Don’t know a whole lot about the RE market lol

  11. Cool. Guess we’ll just be the next boomers and never move until we die lol

  12. STW isn’t too bad. Staffing is very short though so expect to be forced at least once a week.

  13. What hours do you have to work? Also, how’s the health insurance? Thinking about applying myself

  14. The hours very from facility to facility. But at STW first watch is 2150-0620 second watch is 0610-1410 and third watch is 1400-2200. The health insurance isn’t too bad not the greatest but very far from the worst and cheap too if you’re single (not family plan). Biggest positive to the job though is the vacation 240+ hours a year.

  15. Thanks for the response and we’d need a family health plan and mine right now is fantastic. 240+ hours of vacation? Gd that’s fucking a lot lol

  16. I'm not one to jump on the bad influence wagon, but I saw some shit in high school after the guys started watching it. Like someone using a stapler on his balls because it seemed hilarious and he did it in front of the class while the teacher was out of the room. A lot of regret was had on that day. A LOT.

  17. Oh the early 2000s. When people did shit for the sake of doing it instead of trying to become social media stars

  18. It’s a slippery slope. I don’t disagree that it should be up to the states for abortion, but gay marriage should be federally legal imo

  19. Remember to vote in November

  20. Lol no it doesn’t. The democrats will find a way to fuck it up like they always do

  21. How in the fuck is additional fiscal stimulus even being discussed at this time though? Need to get inflation under control before central banks lose all credibility.

  22. Moved out of Florida a few years ago to the Midwest. Before you say “oh but it’s more expensive up there!”. , It actually isn’t. We start our custodians at $45k/year with excellent benefits for state jobs.

  23. Are people really this dense? The Great Recession was fucking horrible, shit most people couldn’t even get a job in fast food

  24. Depending on what you do, you might be fine. This recession isn’t going to be like the other ones because they are predicting it pretty early. Who really knows but just my opinion I think it’ll be more of a correction

  25. It's time for a new patriot party. After this, I can no longer consider myself a supporter of any Republican. These turn coats spit on our rights.

  26. They’ve never actually cared about gun rights. The NRA is to guns what PETA is the animals.

  27. I will blindly back the dogs. Not their handlers or departments. But the doggos are always good boys and girls.

  28. It’s so sad if you read into what happens to dogs that have served overseas. A lot of the ones that served in afghan or Iraq were surrendered to shelters and most of them put down.

  29. Yeah I bought this year, we have no reason to sell so whatever is coming we'll just wait out. Weren't planning to sell for five plus years anyway.

  30. A lot of people see housing as an investment but we have a family of four and we’d love our “forever” home and not having to pay rent lol

  31. I think he’s going to light it the fuck up. I’m taking him in the 2nd every time

  32. Absolute fucking choke job. Now they are going back home with a win on the road and all that momentum. Jfc this team just continuously shoots itself in the foot

  33. Absolute fucking choke job. Now they are going back home with a win on the road and all that momentum. Jfc this team just continuously shoots itself in the foot

  34. Can this team stop shooting themselves in the foot? Dear Lord they can never go in for the kill by losing these games.

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