1. After 11 years, Skyrim players have solved the Bleak Falls Barrow claw puzzle.

  2. I mean, it took me some time. I played on very low quality settings, and I have not noticed the solution was on the back of the claw.

  3. Isn't that actually a model of overtraining, or maybe chronic fatigue syndrome?

  4. No. The forced swim tests gauges depression by monitoring their will to live and to continue swimming vs giving up and drowning.

  5. And how do they know they are actually giving up, instead of their muscles stopping due to mitochondrial or phosphocreatine issues?

  6. I hate women because I don't want to be human instead of being a child that is not an inherent property of the universe.

  7. I recognized this problem along with being a pack rat, and I made a conscious decision to use consumables as much as possible. I remember playing Skyrim like this, specifically one of the quests in the thieves' guild questline. I had to sneak in somewhere, and make a rubbing of a stone tablet. Four strong guards suddenly entered, and noticed me being there. I used a mind controlling potion on the strongest, and he fought and killed the others. It was the most fun I had in ages, I would highly recommend playing this way.

  8. Reverse causation. Causal evidence shows low LDL is associated with less depression

  9. I would appreciate if you pulled your head out of your ass, and did not immediately forget our discussions.

  10. I could not care less about your mechanistic speculation. We have causal evidence that large HDL increases CVD risk

  11. Absolutely not. You have an association between two variables, observed from a snapshot of a highly dynamic process. You make the same mistake as you did with LDL, you ignore push/pull factors in favor of simplistic serum levels. Based on my model cells require lipoprotein transport to maintain membrane health, which can explain why both small dense LDL and large HDL are associated with diseases.

  12. Do we have to do this discussion again? MR studies can not show causation, they also ignore dynamic processes. They are literally just epidemiology on genetics, with a lot of scientific sounding buzzwords sewn in.

  13. I have literally experienced this personally, and both times I was on ketogenic diets. First time I was eating nuts like pistachios and almonds, and I got sunburn after 3 hours of biking where my skin was literally peeling away. Sunburns are dangerous, repeated sunburns are associated with skin cancer. Second time I was more on the carnivore side, and after roughly the same conditions I developed little brown dots on my skin. As far as I know this is perfectly normal, this is how white people like me develop a tan.

  14. I use old reddit, I do not see flairs in the first place.

  15. How do you explain this? Checkmate atheists!

  16. Hah, good luck! Everything is full of sugar and oils.

  17. Animal studies for proof? That's not how this works.

  18. You can't just assert things. Nobody but SFA apologists takes the MCE seriously. Primarily the original researchers! Just look at the rapid responses to Ramsden's submission.

  19. Just to clarify I brought up the MCE, because I thought you remembered our previous discussion. I did not want to get into an argument about it, especially now that I see it triggers you. We can discuss it but it is pointless, since I do not care and you do not budge.

  20. I figured this out after watching "The Rules for Rulers" by CPG Grey, based on the book titled "The Dictator's Handbook". The video makes it easy to understand the reason behind power dynamics, and with some thinking you realize why leftist revolutions are doomed to fail.

  21. I think that most people don’t like them because of their inhumane labor practices. They’ve basically managed to subvert existing regulations for cab and delivery companies by selling this bullshit “gig economy” narrative, thus passing all of the maintenance/ownership/fuel costs to people who by all measures are regular employees, while also skipping out on normal payroll taxes by labeling them as contractors. Some people end up making a net total of $3.00 an hour if you take taxes/fuel/maintenance into account.

  22. Exactly they circumvent regulations, and put the risks onto "contractors". Streaming services like twitch are the same, they put all the costs and risks of content generation onto streamers. I fucking hate how corporations try to bypass centuries of regulations, and how they became so risk averse they try to offload them onto everyone else.

  23. So you recommend to avoid saturated fat right?

  24. Monounsaturated fats are useful no doubt about it, they stimulate fat oxidation and provide appropriate membrane fluidity and stability. Omega 3 fats are also useful, EPA is stable in membranes and ALA/DHA are burned for ketones. Saturated fat is mostly okay but you have to watch your sugar and carb intake, as they impair beta oxidation of palmitic acid and cause ectopic fat accumulation. Dairy fat is shown to be beneficial, but meat has more palmitic acid. Omega 6 fats are controversial and I cannot comment on them at the moment, I am trying to figure out what do linoleic acid and arachidonic acid actually do.

  25. Best comment and you are right 100%. I went high carb plant based vegan diet a la Esselstyn! My Lpa skyrocketed!!!! I am now low carb carnivore and my Lpa dropped significantly!!!

  26. Thank you man, I appreciate your effort! It is not everyday someone comes back, after experimentally testing one of my comments.

  27. Tifa does not look like her, but Aerith is spot on!

  28. A safe power supply that does not burn down your entire build.

  29. He's already bought into the grooming conspiracy, hates the FBI for raiding Trump, and implied vaccination is part of a Jewish conspiracy to bring about transhumanism, so it wouldn't suprise me.

  30. Geez can the Jewish conspiracy hurry up with the transhumanist vaccines already? I hate being sick and surrounded by idiots, I want the cybernetic body and AI mind melds already.

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