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  1. These are all stunning. I have always loved this style, so colorful and the designs are absolutely gorgeous and always look well-made.

  2. Red for sure, neither of the other two will be deep enough for you. Unless you’ve tried it on there’s no way to know if it’s mature. That’s the crazy thing about wearing in-season colors. They always look magical. It’ll likely have the opposite effect of maturity.

  3. I adore this color (bright winter) and am having low-key regrets not buying a shirt I saw in this color. I can’t find it now that we are headed in to autumn. I would 100% wear it.

  4. The forgotten kardashian sister?? She’s probably had as much plastic surgery (cc) 😂

  5. As well as keep an eye on the engine and wing, just in case.

  6. Are you my twin? I so understand the hair thing, mine is almost exactly the same. It really does look beautiful, very shiny and floats in the wind. We have mermaid hair 😆 I understand how crazy it makes you because at times it feels lighter than air as it flies in your face for absolutely no reason. I spent my entire life wishing it were thicker, more full looking. It’s perfect as it is 😄 As a stylist, you could try a shorter hair cut so it weighs less. But I do like it as is. You look very French.

  7. The comments here are gold, don’t be so hard on yourself. You have value in your world and amazing coloring. Switch up your wardrobe in favor of lighter colors. You are low contrast and cool. Black is not your friend. Look for greys and khaki for neutrals. Hit up thrift/charity shops to see a variety of colors and interesting additions to your wardrobe. Best part about them is that they don’t only carry the very recent trends. I’ve found some amazing vintage pieces and unique outerwear statement pieces for what felt like pennies. Also, they’re more environmentally friendly than fast fashion.

  8. I'm really surprised about the amout of comments here! I'm really glad and your comment is just awesome. I've learned so much new things about myself. I'm gonna see a thrift shop with a friend and try out new things.

  9. I just google the names. There was a joke around the original and TS2 about the groups of people who use baby New mothers and simmers 😂

  10. I used to take my younger siblings yearbooks for names to use. My little sister got on my game once and was seriously spooked that the whole town had the same names as her classmates hahaha.

  11. Maybe light eyes? Almost none of your sims (M or F) have dark eyes. The two that don’t (M) it wouldn’t make sense for them to have lighter eyes.

  12. It does break the vertical but absolutely LOVE it with the jacket. It speaks to the flamboyant and dramatic parts of you. It shifts you a little further towards cool girl vibe. I didn’t notice your earrings until the jacket pic. Sans jacket it’s more regal and refined.

  13. That’s because farmhouse is also an aesthetic as well as a physical dwelling. You can decorate in a farmhouse style and live in a mansion, not be a literal farmhouse structure. Also I love it 😂 farmhouse but without the old house upkeep.

  14. From experience, get older, it'll go away and you'll suddenly look like you've aged 10 years in 2. I hated it before I turned 32 but damn I preferred that to looking tired and pushing 40 at 33.

  15. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew

  16. 😂 omg I love it! Thank you for such a thoughtful answer—I unfortunately do not own a coffee shop, but I would gladly bake the old man his favorite pie! 🥧

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