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  1. I’m pretty sure YellowWool uses his arrow keys for moving and he got first

  2. You can change any key bindings, including the movement keys from WASD to something else (usually arrow keys or ESDF).

  3. MCC27 is guaranteed to have at least 5 new players - there aren't enough non winners who've played before

  4. would you be up to teaming with fellow hbgers or just fellow mc speedrunners - be it people already on the event, or people that are still to debut

  5. i haven't given up on dream and illu yet <- is going to be disappointed

  6. Tommy also said he’s not going to be in this one and has continually said he wants to do stuff with Dream as soon as he face reveals… 👀

  7. mcc introduced me to illumina, and illumina introduced me to mcsr content

  8. interesting idea for a remix, im going to spin this on my brain now

  9. I saw like 3 times, it would be great to see in an event

  10. "we killed illumina and that's what matters" from ranboo in mccp22 when they faced orange in battle box

  11. brazilian from brazil (pls do me a favor and dont spam my replies in portuguese. thank you)

  12. Illumina is a force to be reckoned with and we all should keep an eye on him

  13. Low sub count, high coin count 💪🏻

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