1. If you want to stick to the sword id recommend Recover Adrenalin Sword Mastery Underdog Berserk Battle Forge and Reach Advantage Killing Frenzy

  2. Gotta work on these parabolas a little more

  3. He never mentioned he got part of a bone removed though

  4. This is one hell of a ark moment… maxed out food stats and low heath and melee

  5. Honestly never kill him. Humans in Witcher have no morals too so why should he spare anyone when he’s helping them and gets scammed and stabbed..

  6. Yeah in germany theres this old Plattdeutsch and dutch sounds like it. You understand some but nothing at all.

  7. The max amount of wild points any stat can have is 255. Of course you'd never find that in the wild with normal settings and 150 max Dino's and such.

  8. 50 is already unrealistic, ive never had a wild Dino at 224 with a 50 stat but youre totally right that every thing above 40 is good

  9. Harmony breeds wealth my dear frenchman

  10. Yeah makes taming managamr, yuty, argentavis, snow owl, maewing and quetzal especially easy.

  11. They still irrigate the same amount of space as far as i know. I prefer the stone to the metal solely for aesthetics as i think it looks better having a pipe with taps run along the centre of a greenhouse roof with water pouring from both sides.

  12. Got more of a hanging gardens of babylon vibe to it

  13. That's really the best answer. I wonder what Guts vs Unseen Elder or Gaunter O'Dimm would look like tbh.

  14. Nice one, but i think the unseen elder could be on the level of the god hand in terms of fighting power and gaunter could be worse.

  15. They aways spout that “Normal Human„ bs and then have the guy swing double his weight in metal seconds later

  16. You’re totally right, that’s what i wanted to show with „“ . In my imagination witchers nonetheless outclass them. Imagine an Anime Geralt

  17. Honest advice, learn something useful and keep playing music as a hobby. Finding good employment can be heard as a musician

  18. Cooking skills? But...but...he didn't cook anything?

  19. Exactly my first thought, its impressive but not really cooking..

  20. anyone who doesnt like milk is simply weaker and natural selection is after them and their weak bones

  21. Blue is obviously the only right answer for non colorblind people. Red is for german btw

  22. Fjordur by far margin. It got miniboss with each timer spawn and boss scattered throughout the island. Have some cool secret can have multiple base and have all the useful dino spawn in vanilla.

  23. You’re totally right but no managarmr makes me sad

  24. The ones that start getting cuddly and the ones that crusade to take back the holy land?

  25. It’s labeled „advice“ but deep in your heart you know the answer. Anyway do what ever you want but be aware of the consequences.

  26. That happens if the enemy has a really old fortification (usually castle) and you a lot of artillery vs forts bonus (+a lot of cannons). You go straight to 100%

  27. How much would you actually need for that on a level 3 fort?

  28. I never get 40s , just once i got 46 stamina egg out of a 180 egg

  29. It looks like one of these riddles where you have figure it out with the least amount of information possible

  30. *hears prussians gloria far off in the distance

  31. Okay Argy is good when you have a mining drill equipped or no access to a quetz. But i like flying my quetz and taking a anky and doedi on the platform as a backpack

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