1. Have you been decreasing calories consumed as your weight goes down? Now that you’re 15 pounds lighter your new deficit could be much lower.

  2. Well I calculated it multiple times, and my maintenance is like 2900-3000 and I've been eating 2100 or less almost every day since the beginning of my deficit. I calculated it again today with my new weight and 2100 is a reoccurring number. But my weight still seems to fall around the same number in the last couple of weeks, of course depending on whether I took a dump, or ate a lot of food right before.

  3. The only accurate way to measure maintenance is to take what you are eating while not losing or gaining weight. If you’re eating 2,100 and your weight is staying the same that’s your new maintenance. No calculator can tell you this.

  4. Work on lower body as well. Follow a real program for better results.

  5. I do lower body too but mostly focus on my chest and biceps I do run for 15 min on the treadmill and stuff like bicycle and seated leg curl

  6. Cool, doesn’t change my advice one bit! Good luck.

  7. What is wrong with doing full body? I do full body 5 times a week.

  8. I follow 531 programming, but I bench and OHP three times a week. The other “upper” work consists of rows, lat pulldowns, facepulls, curls, lateral raises, and tricep pushdowns.

  9. You’ll regret that when your old! Trust me I broke my back in a car accident. Deadlifts are dangerous.

  10. Why would it be better to do zero quad training when there are movements you can do that don’t bother it?

  11. It feels the same weight, but your perception of whether that is heavy or not changes.

  12. Came here to say this! If couch to 5k is too hard, run slower!

  13. Your grip strength will increase even when using straps.

  14. Are you sure? I hear most people say not using straps makes your hands and foreman's stronger in the long run.

  15. Yes, with traditional straps you still have to grip the bar. The straps just don’t allow you to fail because of grip.

  16. Seriously I’d be really embarrassed with my work ethic if it took me three years to build a 225 bench!

  17. To be fair, he did mention he started out at 115lbs, which would be a tougher place to build from.

  18. On the contrary, being able to bend over and pick things up in your later years will not reduce life.

  19. A Romanian deadlift doesn’t touch the floor in between reps.

  20. They’re really bad exercises if your goal is to be weak.

  21. Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

  22. Depends what template and week of that template you are on.

  23. I’m on week 1 and not sure the template just the regular 4 day a week one I guess, for deadlifts it felt extremely easy like rpe 6.5/7 and I did 10 reps is that normal especially so since it’s the first week

  24. Most of the four day templates have 8 sets of the main lift and tell you whether or not the third set should be a + set or not.

  25. The rear delts and upper back look great!

  26. Like I said, I was mostly looking for exercise recommendations within those parameters, not medical advice.

  27. I understand, I believe that is the wrong approach and was sharing that sentiment.

  28. Fair enough, this physio came recommended by the national powerlifting fed and concurred the opinions of the orthopedic doctor that reviewed my MRI.

  29. After lurking for a few months and lifting again after a few years I've decided to start posting about my progress while running

  30. I’m excited to see what you think about it! Every cycle presented me with a new challenge. It was always exciting to get new supplemental work. I’ll be looking for these.

  31. At the beginning your hips shoot up when you start your movement, use those quads. When it gets heavy its harder to use your quads and rely on the back Lock in those hips for the pull. Not bad tho, just getting heavy

  32. His hips rise because they are too low and he’s trying to squat instead of hinge. The body self corrects in this moment with the proper amount of weight and the hips will find their actual starting height before the bar leaves the ground.

  33. Yeah, we are in the same weight class. He inched me out of first with by a single sandbag to shoulder rep. Next time I’ll get him.

  34. It’s a little bit of an inside joke, but it’s what I call OHP.

  35. It is normal to get better at things after you’ve practiced them compared to when you never did them before.

  36. I’ve got plenty up. 450 x12. Not terrible… I think I posted 500x10 from a few years back. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m too lazy to look.

  37. Cool, how much do you deadlift strapless on the axle?

  38. Never deadlifted with an axle. I don’t train strongman. Why would you ask such a niche question?

  39. Because I was interested. No other reason.

  40. I’ve never reduced my TM in three years of 531. Especially making up silly rules like if I can’t get 1,700 reps on my 1+ week then I reduce my TM by 14 years.

  41. I was asking everyone except for you about you lol. That makes a lot of sense. Congrats on the results to your hard work.

  42. Lol, really interesting concept to ask everyone other than the person who was there and would know for sure!

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