1. You are in a totalitarian ideology.

  2. You talk to any youngish person in the West and the reason why most have put off kids is because they're low on income

  3. So the poorest places on earth have the highest birth rates but somebody making 40k in the US doesn’t have enough money to have a kid

  4. Need a starting comment soon but until then I’ll add the statement by Pfizer which explains what they are actually doing in these labs.

  5. People are getting mad about the wrong thing here.

  6. Never forget - the CDC Tells New York Times It Hid Covid Data For Political Reasons

  7. “The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) assumed exclusive legal and physical custody of Obama Presidential records when President Barack Obama left office in 2017, in accordance with the Presidential Records Act (PRA). NARA moved approximately 30 million pages of unclassified records to a NARA facility in the Chicago area where they are maintained exclusively by NARA. Additionally, NARA maintains the classified Obama Presidential records in a NARA facility in the Washington, DC, area. As required by the PRA, former President Obama has no control over where and how NARA stores the Presidential records of his Administration.”


  9. Okay if this is considered “evidence” to you then this conversation is going nowhere:

  10. A testimonial that a the corrupt Biden Admin has been censoring the truth is evidence

  11. I'm talking about evidence you could submit into a court of law without being laughed out of the room. Sorry if that wasn't clear from the beginning.

  12. People are on death row based on witness testimony

  13. There was a brand new virus spreading exponentially with unknown comsequences. Like wtf is there to "expose"?

  14. Did you even read the second link you posted? Pretty much all the charges dropped were due to lack of evidence, or being charges like breaking curfew.

  15. He is because he's not actually an ancap. Thinly veiled dog whistling.

  16. Shove your “dog whistle” where the Sun don’t shine

  17. The Summer of Love 2020. A Comprehensive list so you never forget.

  18. He just needs to post “terms of service” like YouTube

  19. Both Republicans and Democrats belong to the Neocon Ruling class.

  20. Hunter Biden operated “a cash for access” scheme that made him millions and gave favors to Russian and Chinese oligarchs

  21. Joe Biden Announced right before midterms he was freeing people imprisoned for simple possession

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