Becoming The Ghost [Video]

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  1. I've had FixNAT for a year now, and recently I've experienced connection issues even though I got type A NAT and a good Wi-Fi connection. Does the VPN you're using right now still good? I'm having online issues with Pokémon BDSP.

  2. I can't see the region code of my PS4 disc. It says All, but I don't see any indicators if it's R3 or R1. By the way, my account is registered in R3 and the game is Ghost of Tsushima. I've looked everywhere and I'm hopeless if I can purchase and use the DLC.

  3. Update: it works now! After 6 hours of waiting to update it again 😂

  4. Step 1. Logout from Axie Marketplace. (Via kiwi browser or whatever you are using)

  5. hope I can help you if you're using BDO Mobile banking login on it click more-click Security Management- click Set Card Limits - then adjust "No PIN Purchase Limit" - click save changes. then your card will be reactivated.

  6. I'll try to do this later as well, got frustrated after several attempts. It's either waiting for confirmation of purchase or transaction failed. Hopefully this will solve it, g'night!

  7. Oh yeah, I tried it again with this method. It didn't work 😂

  8. Just finished professional mode hours ago, what an experience. Definitely one of the best Resident Evil games I've played so far.

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