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  1. damn, you want this to go somewhere I'm guessing

  2. If it's a challenge you're after may I suggest tiger bread. That stuffs rough af.

  3. Alright i was gonna try "pain de campagne" but ill also add your suggestion to the list

  4. How do you get insomnia? I played a lot of this game and never had this affliction

  5. Whiterose is my favorite in RWBY and Monica is the only one being slightly different

  6. Finaly a fellow whiterose enjoyer, its a welcome change from the legion of jaune fans

  7. I'm not ashamed to say I took part in the ship wars and I'm not afraid to say that Jaune fans=trash

  8. I will not go as far as hate them but MAAAAN jaune any ship i loved was sunk due to jaune, goodbye arkos goodbye nuts and dolts

  9. We need to try with rats and monkeys I guess. Then move to people. We gotta make mars people

  10. So far, no one wants girl playing games.

  11. This is NOT true. You cannot masturbate in the main cabin anymore

  12. Me before Ryze trailer: His level up can be so cool! Maybe he is using the runes, or he EQEQEQEQEQ

  13. A friend of mine had a running joke, saying :"nice deck Bro" when someone made some funny new deck

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