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  1. Judging by the fact we're able to see this video, the pilot survived whatever missiles he was trying to evade with those flares! :-D

  2. He wasn't evading missiles. They're precautionary incase there is a missile fired. Very standard procedure. You'll know he is evading a missile when the pilot is constantly moving his head frantically looking up or turning past his shoulders trying to visually track something.

  3. Should be fine. Dingoes like babies, or so I've heard.

  4. You know what i'm gonna request and no, i already know that patrick is from sponge bob

  5. Yeah it doesn't show that 400 million are living in what is considered middle class to wealthy. There's still a billion Chinese who are low income to impoverished.

  6. Literally fucking anyone is better. Plus, who in their right mind, seeing a dictator get their brains painted across a wall, would say “Yeah, I’ll just keep doing what he was doing”

  7. Anyone you say? There are ultra nationalists more extreme than Putin ready to take his place. Do not be surprised if those extremists within either the FSB, GRU, and Wagner take out Putin themselves.

  8. Wow, they are tiny...just like Lovebites (which I also only learned recently). Apparently, Band-Maid are like a bunch of Amazons compared to some of these other groups.

  9. Akane and Saiki are like 5'5" or 5'6" too.

  10. I know I am going to regret this statement, but...

  11. Its the only sci-fi show as an epic story arc that was written from start to end by the show's creator. It was the first TV show to use all CGI 3-D modeling using Amiga computers. At the time, it was ground breaking though very noticeably dated now. This was an independent production under Warner Brothers and didn't have the budget of CBS/Paramount that were doing ST: DS9 and the upcoming ST: Voyager. The movement of human ships in space reflected real world physics. Years/decades ahead of BSG Vipers or ships of the Expanse. The alien ships really do look alien with nearly every race having their own unique designs. The human ships look very plausible to what we think the 23rd century would look like.

  12. Wow! Thank you very much for this detailed and informative explanation. The fact that the story arc is created by a single writer is very appealing. I imagine the FX would be dated, but I have no problem with that. You have made a great pitch and I am sold. I will figure out where I can stream it and will likely start with the pilot(s) this evening if I can. Thanks again, Frothy-! Much appreciated.

  13. It should be on HBO Max and Amazon Prime. The show has been uprated and digitally cleaned up.

  14. Oh interesting. I can’t find more info but at first googling seems like the fighters at Mcchord are actually WA air national guard, rather than USAF? I had no idea.

  15. McChord is an air mobility base with mostly C-17s. There are no fighter jets stationed there.

  16. There are no fighter planes stationed at McChord. Its an air mobility base. But fighter planes from USAF and USN regularly pass through there.

  17. She absolutely slayed as May in AoS, easily one of my top 2 characters throughout the show

  18. She was also one of the puppet handlers on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood while she was a student at Carnegie Mellon University.

  19. Only to find out Russian jammers are not even remotely on par to what is on the EF-18G Growlers.

  20. We caused 11 false starts and Holmgren gave the fans a game ball. It's on display so.ewhere in Lumen

  21. Is this the game Bill Parcells was bitching about? Accusing the stadium of artificially pumping in crowd noise through the P.A. because he couldn't and still doesn't believe it all naturally came from the fans?

  22. The movie was just released in 1987 and it was being shown as a free matinee(?) at my local cinema, Peach Orchard Cinemas in Augusta, GA. The place was packed and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it.

  23. What does that mean? What is the old fashioned way? Why were we not allowed to do freedom that way before? Obviously Ukraine needs to be helped and Russia stopped, but I really don’t get what you’re saying here.

  24. Have you ever heard the phrases "Peace through superior firepower"? Or "Peace through strength"? Or "Speak softly and carry a big stick"? This is what the patch really means. Its basicly an American warning to dissuade adversaries to not do anything foolish or they will recieve an ugly response. Its the reason the U.S. and the USSR postured themselves with nukes and no one has ever crossed the red line during the Cold War.

  25. Right, but it’s also the reason that no one in our government has thought it was a good idea to go carpet bomb Russia. It seems like the problem is that they have nukes and we have nukes, so that really limits what we can semi-safely do when their dictator attacks one of his neighbors. This just feels like it’s missing the point a bit of current events. Maybe it’s not supposed to be about Ukraine tho idk.

  26. Its doing what it is meant to do. To keep Russia from ever thinking about striking at Sweden and Finland. Or the Baltics which would mean WW3.

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