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  1. It's actually 3 for both Anita and Jackson! 5 brothers, but one of them never got to give them a bottlecap, and you don't need a bottlecap of yourself.

  2. Don't get me wrong, that last panel is Cinematic as fuck, but did Peter just sort of get bored waiting and made a little web for himself to hang out in?

  3. Damn. They could’ve at least gave Echo some kind of necklace or tag or something.

  4. Echo has a little backpack. it's just hard to see in the current promotional material (from the front). It's behind his neck.

  5. GSC has never had a problem with him before he posted this comic. So nothing really

  6. You know Reddit has a block feature that hides all posts from him right? Can be useful if you're easily bothered by a user.

  7. I don't see him as much to have thought about it, this is the first post that actually bothers me

  8. Bloodhounds trials is still unchanged. Unacceptable

  9. New Castle can only get better if all his lines were dad jokes

  10. I'm just amazed that OW1 is still being sold considering that it won't playable anymore come October. Paying $15-40 (depending on the edition) just to play it for 3 months is ridiculous.

  11. Because your OW1 account is moving to OW2, it's just an update.

  12. OW2 is f2p anyway, and if you buy the cheaper version of OW1 you don’t get any extra skins

  13. The free skin system OW1 has is being sunset, you won't have loot packs. It'll likely be harder to get skins in OW2

  14. Hold up Rev and Seer were supposed to be part of some sort of cult? Why haven't I ever heard of this. If this was part of the lore that would have been cool.

  15. This isn't true. It's a rumor based on his previous internal name "Pariah."

  16. or you watched the same video I did, and still got it wrong. congrats.

  17. Bruh the guy you're replying to is literally one of the devs in charge of writing lore

  18. I don't write, but I work with the Narrative team :)

  19. And you can’t marry them at the end and negate the sacrifice

  20. To be fair that cutscene and support is the weirdest thing ever. The most Fire Emblem thing they could've done lmao

  21. Azure Gleam is canon because the main lord/region is blue-themed and according the FE UI blue = good guy and red = bad guy

  22. I just want a character who wears a giant ass fur cloak. I want a character with the silhouette of a fucking mountain, and if MiHoYo is insistent on sticking to their body templates then I’m okay if they achieve that silhouette with clothing and accessories

  23. Counter argument, Arval is more of a friend to shez and is very intimate with them in a way sothis was not

  24. I'm super late but also, Sothis only seems to be nice because of her memory loss in Three Houses.

  25. I think it's just because Titan Lore is honestly super vague and doesn't really have a straight answer. Looking at the Wiki about Neural Links it doesn't really have a straight answer. It's just like "it might be this based on implications but nothing has been confirmed"


  27. Dragonclaw collosal weapon is massively underwhelming, no unique weapon art or red lightning attacks and I'm pretty sure it's the lowest ar collosal.

  28. I'm glad I beat NG+1 using it before I read this comment lol

  29. It's even worse when JQ mains spam jump, I feel some players have figured out she's super hard to read that way. Her running silhouette is easier to identify, but the jump spam... AGH

  30. Feel this misses the point. If you want wallrunning to be in the same level as Valkyrie's jetpack, then you'd have to give it a fuel limit, make it loud as hell, and have players be unable to shoot while wallrunning, and a bit after.

  31. Yes I read. It seems you are singling out Sumeru for that line of reasoning where cultural accuracy isn't important since it's "just a fantasy game" which I would disagree.

  32. Did you see the leaks? 99% of them are pale white characters. They are respecting everything but skin tone variety of the regions they are taking reference from. That's the whole point of the complaints that this post is responding to.

  33. I saw the eight character screenshot, but I haven't read the comments. I try to limit my exposure to leaks to mostly just the characters and their skills, and not read much else. I kinda have the impression that leak opinions are oftentimes misguided. (Kazuha bad, Raiden bad, Kokomi garbage)

  34. I'd love to hope for that to be the case, but I've been following their other game project ZZZ and they already whitewashed their own two tan and darker skinned characters in official art. So at this point I'm convinced the reason is that they believe it'll impact sales.

  35. Pretty sure Raiden was one of their main references when they made Genji. The guy screams Metal Gear Rising

  36. Oh that's awesome, wish I didn't click on the spoiler haha

  37. For some context, the character shown here is from a region based on South Asia (or so I'm told). But every character that has leaked, or NPC that has been from that region so far have been 99% pale white.

  38. Ahh I see, thank you for the correction. I haven't been keeping up with Genshin

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