1. The Taycan has a two gear transmission and is fully electric, that transmission could technically be a manual one as well.

  2. Is the Taycan's transmission not for switching between optimum travel modes though? One gearing for Highway driving and the other for stop-start city driving?

  3. No, it's purely two different gear ratios. One is better for highway driving in that the fifth gear is usually better for highway driving than the second gear.

  4. If you do freeze a hot water bottle, never use it again for hot water. The rubber is likely to perish and leak.

  5. I have OFCH for my heating & hot water. Some things I've learned over the years...

  6. Jumping on the window frame thing. If you got apVC windows and there is a gap. Ask any PVC window repair person for an Ease and adjustment. That tells them to reset your window hinges and hopefully (provided your frame isn't damaged) you'll get the gap closed.

  7. The airport charge the drivers to go in and get the passenger. They just pass it on.

  8. A good Taxi company would take your flight number and check to ensure it had departed on time and closer to pick up it would arrive on time.

  9. I think you're mad. Keep the wood burning stove. Why do you even need to cool it down at all? If you're done with it for the night. Close the air vents and let it Smoulder. A good efficient wood burning stove should send most of its Ash out of the Chimney.

  10. Worth nothing that the phone numbers just eat out on the receipts are not customer numbers but a forwarding number they use temporarily so you can contact the customer but not get their number.

  11. The Secretary of State for NI has issued a decree banning a lot of information from being reported, supposedly to prevent police methods of investigation from being aired but rumoured to be to protect informers

  12. Which is it? A lot of information or two examples of information? Why don't you read what the person wrote?

  13. I honestly don't understand why people are having a problem. 2 weeks ago I booked my car in for its MOT. Initially I got a date in November and the following day I hopped on the website and re-booked for the Sunday at Mallusk that week at a time that suited me. The second re-book took 10 mins and 5 was me waiting to get in on the website. Can people really not set aside 20 mins?

  14. What does your contract say? If you don't have a contract. How often are you paid?

  15. Come live in NI. Our average from reporting crime to prosecution is 997 days! Come on over I'll fight ya and maybe 3 years later I'll see you in court.

  16. I too saw what they all did. It reminds of this time I read about how people are chatbots. That's cos Steve Jobs was at this conference at Stanford and told people to live each day like it was there last. People listen and formulate their own responses but it's not surprising that they identify with someone.... You know what I can type this anymore. I should've copy pastad

  17. Yeah I live in Bonn basically on the Rhein. It's been wild to see the river go from record highs to record lows throughout the past few years. Just last night I was sitting by the river as a cargo barge was going upstream and you could hear it super loudly scrapping against the bottom in certain parts of the river.

  18. It's almost like scientists were right in the 1990s that as Climate change gets worse so do the extremes.

  19. I’m glad that we’ve finally arrived at this point, far from the insanity of past years full of [email protected] chattering about “Well it’s like an automatic pilot, it’s just an assist!”

  20. I was driving home yesterday in my wee 107 when an R driver in some ancient Vauxhall Astra strolled up behind me and was getting all aggressive because I was doing 55 in 'slow' lane and he couldn't get out to the passing lane.

  21. My understanding of the system is you are given points based on you're situation so for example if you are a single parent that will give you points, if you have kids that will give you some, vulnerable person points etc. The more points you have the higher you are uo the list for a place to live.

  22. Basically but the points system is also normalised based on the house size required (no. Bedrooms specifically).

  23. Interesting they choose the Harp on Blue when that was the Old Kingdom flag, which many attribute to being British imposed (although I really like it).

  24. I have been searching for Solar Panels at the moment myself.

  25. UK wide companies. One was called Start Solar. They're the ones doing the Stringed array.

  26. Have you tried putting www in front of the host name? I have had the issue where Translink haven’t updated their DNS CNAME to include

  27. Let me tell you about time Translink accidentally ransomwared their entire accounting department computers and they couldn't ake any money for 4 weeks whilst they restored their systems.

  28. This is not normal and it is likely the Mother hedging her bets on trying to keep sole custody of the child. A Father can lose his rights to his own child by not being on the birth certificate. Especially if the Father is not married to the Mother.

  29. Going rate at the MOT for an MOT check only is around £30-50 quid.

  30. So the guy gives Ukraine as an example where violence is justified (self-defence against an invading force) and you go on an unrelated spiel about how violence is bad and we all remember that it's bad - whilst also giving examples where the violence was justified.

  31. Seems no one else does, judging by the votes

  32. Only thing about powerni compared to electric Ireland is your not in contract so your free to go at anytime with no penalty. I'm 99% electric Ireland and SSE have an exit fee, but if the price of even paying the exit fee outlays the overall saving it'll be worth it. I worked for electric Ireland for keypad door to door when the unit rate was 16p lol gone are those days. Now employed with powerni but for the down south part which is energia. Cheapest price down south atm is 20c a unit, but standing charges are normal for urban with energia it's 236.62 per year markets crazy both North and south

  33. I’ve been with them about 5yrs, never any issues. When I changed to them my offer was a free £25 electric top up once a year, still get it…when I remember to call up! Always been top up, never bothered with DD.

  34. The only thing I will say is, if you're DD you get your £25 automatically on your anniversy bill.

  35. I can confirm. Visited the UK, was very satisfied with the food. Pasties, Sunday Roast, Yorkshire Pudding, Lamb and Mint Jelly, Shepard’s Pie, Haggis (seriously people, give it a shot). I was so shocked how full I was leaving.

  36. Haggis is a meal you can have breakfast. Nothing like Haggis for breakfast.

  37. How, are, you, stuck? It has wheels, roll it to your car and then pack?

  38. What the fuck? Get some fucking wheels on your Shopping trolleys. Jesus Christ, I'm gonna go over there, open a shop with Shopping Trolleys with wheels and big fuck off signs that say "Feel free to use the cart to take your groceries to the car." and I'll become number 1 shop.

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