1. Its just edgy bullshit. Hopefully anyone that supports this brand does not support terrorism.

  2. Oouu im boutta buy that cooler for myself lol

  3. Why does the ace of diamonds have 3 diamonds? And yes you'll regret this

  4. The waterbury mall is literally turning into a shell. I loved that place as a kid and now Its just decomposing. Went there about a year or two ago and the place was a ghost town

  5. You can use a driver uninstaller like,

  6. Im a 32 and recently bought the Olive belt a couple drops ago, S/M. Fits perfectly with little to no excess.

  7. No problem! And the quality is immaculate btw you’re gonna love it

  8. Sorry dude but the jumpman looks really bad

  9. 32 gb of ram is kinda overkill. If you wanna save some money I'd recommend 16gb and your pc will run just as good

  10. This is definitely more than capable of running elden ring and cyberpunk.

  11. A little overkill imo. You'd be fine with 2 sticks of 8gb ram and it doesn't have to be rgb to save money. Also you could benefit from another ssd or hard drive to save games onto then you can have one ssd solely to boot off of for fast boot times

  12. I would recommend adding a 1tb ssd or 500gb at the least. Also if its your first build I would stay away from liquid cooling imo cuz it can be a little sketchy to my understanding. Lastly, I don’t know if all your stuff is compatible but there are websites that can tell you if you just type in all your parts. Glhf!

  13. I'd recommend getting a 1440p monitor because you have a 3060, i think you could benefit.

  14. 78 is fine but you can get a down a few degrees with a new cooler and more fans for airflow.

  15. I couldn't watch/listen to the AH podcast because it was mostly people talking over each other, without the hilarious chaos of gameplay. Haven't missed an RT or FH podcast!

  16. I recently stopped listening to the podcast for this exact reason. No one enjoys listening to 4 or 5 people talking over each other and having side conversations. Still love the RT pod though, never missed an ep

  17. Most here would say win the raffle or get them when they drop. You know so easy when you have a job lmao

  18. Just out of curiosity, what makes you trust Ebays authenticator over StockX? I feel like they can be just as shady.

  19. If zac still has it posted it’s on his Insta story and that’s how I did it and you put it into the billing address but it’s ⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️🅱️🅰️ But you have to do it in the app

  20. Lmao thats awesome its the konami code. Thanks!

  21. Bobcat. I heard a similar sound late one night, but it was way more chilling and SCARY!!! I've never heard a more terrifying sound, but now i know. i googled and came up with Bobcat!

  22. Wait until you hear a fisher cat at 1 am. Thought someone was being murdered in the woods the first time I heard one.

  23. I bought some Isner Mile beard oil off Amazon and was pretty impressed. It comes in a four pack of different smells. I got Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Sage and for some godforsaken reason Orange. I really liked the first three, would buy again.

  24. Really helpful actually! Thanks for the info!

  25. Just watched his doc on hulu yesterday. Really sucks he lost his life at such a young age.

  26. Gotta be Nightcrawler for me. I just hate the lack of social awareness from the main character. It just makes my skin crawl. (And I love horror/thriller/gore movies)

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