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  1. bootcamp my pre teen... 😂 thats so fucked

  2. *hears the swing squeaking at night "its probably the wind"

  3. Brandenburg in a multi player with a friend. he suggested it, i died.

  4. Youre not pulling a Jim Morrison on them, are you?

  5. Answer lies in Migration. There are Millions willing to work in developed countries all over the world.

  6. no it doesn't. that process would destroy my countries culture and demographics or at least irreversibly change it forever in seriously fundamental ways that are unlike just organic change over time.

  7. Problem being, that climate change & rapidly growing populations in 3rd world countrys (africa doubleing till 2050 eg.) make the process of mass migration inevitable, billions! of people will be on the move when their homes become unlivable. And how could we possibly blame anyone to look to where the grass seems greener. If 1st world countrys want to maintain their levels of productivity and wealth and quality of service, we are going to need huge numbers of young workers, and those will gladly come (the US will need about 500.000 Migrants a year to compensate for the old people starting their pension. already we struggle to get people in essential jobs in germany. Canada is basically importing people for their economy already) So imo whichever countrys get this the earliest and are able to be the most attractive to immigrants, will get the best and most of them, and will continue to be geopolitical relevant in the future. I think the world is way past your static view of culture and demographic, even though i too wish cultures would maintain themselves in their regions, prosper in their respective ways, this is just not possible if their countrys keep getting exploited for resources, never have a fair chance on global markets (against hegemonial market powers) and suffer the consequences of global warming the hardest. Just because drastic changes seem to be upon us, doesnt mean they are not "organic" world just quicker, more connected than ever before. read Parag Khannas book "Move"!

  8. The province with the earths highest mountain is a hill province.

  9. Are you talking about Morang or Limbuwan?

  10. limbuwan, was not really clear, ya 😅

  11. R5: The names of the Iberian Kingdoms are forming a Yin and Yang symbol

  12. my daughter accidentally fucked her brother (me)

  13. Hat dieser Pfostner die neue arte Doku gesehen?

  14. Hab zwar gesehen das es ne Prinz Eugen Doku gibt aber war mehr durch nächtliches Musikhören inspiriert

  15. how was this guy the biggest thing? scary shit

  16. My friend showed me the game a few years ago by starting as the same nation as me in a multiplayer run against ai. he could explain whilst i was navigating the country.

  17. if he has only base game, he will be able to play with your dlc content, makes for a lot of fun, and he doesnt have to purchase the dlcs

  18. R5: The cultural algerian monarchs of Spain make the troops look nordafrican

  19. schön wahlkampf finanzieren, flex move trotzdem

  20. never been introduced to the geoguessr community?

  21. R5: Whilst your typical British ally stays on its ilse, these indian troops marched all the way from Coromandel to support some upcoming american natives against the french, HONOUR!

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