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  1. That actually looks really delicious. My only concern, though, is that it has Oreos in it.

  2. With 20 units on board? These are those times where you just get pissed off it’s not working. That is some crazy resistance. I hope it gets better for you soon.

  3. Pleae don't judge me for how much insulin I need to use. 🙂 I am typically insulin resistance and I need up to 200 units a day.

  4. My apologies. No judgment intended there.

  5. No worries. Everybody is different I probably use drastically more insulin than most people.

  6. I would totally eat that! Love veggie sandwiches on good rolls

  7. Well I don't remember it but arguably this is also something a best friend could do ...

  8. She wrapped him up in a blanket and spoon fed him tiny soup. I would be a little weirded out if one of my friends tried to do that to me.

  9. I still kinda read that as platonic, because it’s not as uncommon as one may think

  10. That's the sweetest look I've ever seen! You have a beautiful kitty. There's a lot of stuff on his collar, you can get a break away collar in case it gets caught on something it won't choke him. It look like he likes you a lot, it's nice to have a loving cat.

  11. I can just imagine the cost of shipping, with all that dry ice they'd need to pack it in...?

  12. Then just don't buy it. I was trying to share because so many people had asked me about getting it.

  13. Aww. What’s people’s* issue with FIV? (I don’t have cats.) Are they more difficult to take care of?

  14. Feline immunodeficiency virus. It just means they have to go to the vet more often because they're prone to infection. She was in really good health but as soon as people hear that word they would run away.

  15. I have 2 cats, one is FIV+ and the other one isn't. They are both from the same litter and adopted at the same time. And the one without FIV had seen the vet more often than I can count, for all sorts of health reasons not related to FIV. My FIV+ ginger boy only been to the vet once for stomatitis.

  16. looking at those mashed potatoes is making me want to eat more of my potatoes, but i’m soo full

  17. Ouch so sorry for you that looks like cheap take out. 4 overcooked beans. 1/3 croutons??? DAMN if the "chef" has to fill the plate with croutons so much you know something is wrong.

  18. That is the Mattel toy of She-Ra, they kinda just umm kit bashed it with some older toy and made as few new parts as possible...

  19. This totally looks like something I would make. I love vegan chicken patties! What ingredients did you add to the rice?

  20. It was super good. I never thought to cut up my meat alternative and add it into something I already really like by itself. 🙂

  21. I would just tell them you are sick and can't come. Or maybe you're like me and high risk for getting covid. They can't ask you to risk your health.

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