1. Its not a website lmao. Its on weedmaps

  2. Plz just buy verified carts. It should have a blue check mark under the products. I buy platinum vapes and they usually have the colored tips but there’s a shortage so they’re using clear ones too. Even though that happened and I didn’t know, I still knew that they were in fact real. Also second check on their Instagram.

  3. Lmao you gain the bodies she/he fucked, cuz whatever hole has been revealed has had something in it to cause it.

  4. Did you buy 2 half gram carts and 1 gram cart? If you didn’t that pretty much means it prolly is the worst thing you can consume.

  5. After reading these replies... damn y’all really need to lay off the carts man 😕

  6. I will stay lifted. On legit, Licensed, dispensary products. The reason I came off and am negative about is because it a fucking muha med. Search the sub ffs.

  7. Hats off to you coming on a year old thread and pointing this out. A year ago they weren't in dispos. I have long since unsubscribed from this subreddit. Move on.

  8. 😂 u sure they weren’t a year ago? I’m sure you haven’t wasted time looking at everyone in the U.S.

  9. Wikipedia. Not my favorite site but more than your....

  10. Wikipedia is not a good source, it can be edited by anyone.

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