1. I'll definitely check it out! Also, consider amazon music for you podcast

  2. She's an inhuman in the comics and has shapeshifting powers. I believe her powers will model captain marvel in the mcu and she won't be inhuman.

  3. I'm after doing over 50 raids trying to get that bastard lol congrats!

  4. After the DA was caught there wasn't any reason to keep the coins a secret. It could have been anybody. A lot of people were impressed by Hermione’s use of it, any one of them could have said something.

  5. Probably thought it was a laugh, or the individual beds weren't there and they thought he was just another student.

  6. There's a lot of grinding wild pokemon in the older games lol you got to switch your starting pokemon a lot to level up your other pokemon. No exp share in some of those.

  7. Yep! The piece was too awkward to hold in the lathe and too long for the vertical milling machine. Didn't realize it was so blurry until after it was posted

  8. Assuming a horcrux could be anything, that would probably be the best location

  9. Start with Let’s go, then move to BDSP, then Sword Shield, then Legends.

  10. Diary, ring, cup and locket, diadem, Harry and Nagini. It pretty much explains in the books

  11. Perhaps he didn't want to upset Thor so he pretended he couldn't lift it?

  12. I use manual machines. If I was doing that on a manual milling machine and had a bunch of parts, I'd set up a stop on one end and zero the stop, assuming they're all the same. If that won't work, set up a homemade center in a chuck to find the center holes.

  13. I got the base game. All DLC is available but come separate. In Canada anyway

  14. Neither. “Take care” of them both and marry her yourself 😏

  15. Search for a website called knowdemia. You can download the HP audiobooks from there

  16. Yes it's recommended as there's new characters involved, especially Dumbledore

  17. Different directors possibly? It's not mentioned in the books what protective gear they wear i don't think

  18. 316 is usually stainless steel. Are you trying to machine it the same as steel? Carbide tooling works well, just slow down the speed, use lots of collant and make sure the set up is ridgid

  19. I just let it settle for a few weeks after re-reading before I hop onto my next series... which will probably be the Throne of Glass series again

  20. Most book series got those at the beginning of books, to remind the reader what happened when the book was released for those who didn't bother to reread the previous ones. I assume anyway

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