1. Wow! That’s crazy. Your smile got so wide! Such a beautiful smile. Happy for you!

  2. Lookin’ so good!! Your upper arch reaches more towards the corner of your smile too! Keep it up!

  3. “Ham agreed with James and reiterated that his main objectives are to hold everyone accountable and foster an atmosphere of selflessness, sources said. He voiced that defensive tenacity needs to be picked up all across the roster and also forewarned that players would have to play new roles and if he sensed reluctance, he wouldn’t hesitate to remove them from the game, sources said.

  4. If we have Westbrook as the screener here, AD is open for backdoors and / or post ups. We would kill teams out of this set, just like we did in the bubble.

  5. He took this too personal. No one’s calling his game or work ethic out, we are just appreciating a dump truck.

  6. Rob just couldn’t resist adding a washed up guard to the roster

  7. Russ stans are the definition of cherry picking. Their only arguments are stats/clips that provide absolutely zero context behind them

  8. Don’t know how much an agent can do in this situation when no one in the association wants your client

  9. His personality yeah but he makes a lot of exciting and momentum swinging blocks/dunks

  10. Lakers can’t afford to keep Brick until the deadline. They’ll be a fringe playoff/play-in team by then

  11. either massive trap genetics or some mild cycles

  12. Im trying to pivot to data science from accounting. Start my master’s in MIS in the fall. What should I start learning/doing on the side?

  13. For the people saying IT be more specific dude. Grad student looking to become a data engineer after school here

  14. Miles Bridges would’ve been the perfect centerpiece for a trade. Knicks clear whatever the Hornets can put together now

  15. I’ll Venmo you $20 if they run it back. At the very least kyrie is gone.

  16. I mean this is common sense. Why would Nets keep Kyrie if KD's gone?

  17. If they somehow land JB I can see Kyrie staying because they have a solid relationship

  18. This is another non-story. Woj mentions several times that the Celtics aren’t closer than any other team and the Nets aren’t anywhere with any team yet. Yawn

  19. Not a total non-story. He reaffirmed KD’s trade request at the end

  20. Kyrie would be paid 40+ mil a year so that’s a moot point. We’d be back to trying to sign vet mins over and over. Turner or Hield could be traded even at their contracts as the money is still way more workable.

  21. Turner would have to be resigned during the szn if they want him as an asset the following off szn.

  22. I would rather keep Nunn than have Buddy. If we trade for Buddy it better have Russ in it.

  23. Schröder as a backup to Kyrie would be great

  24. Are you forgetting the time he called Kyrie the n word and he had a tantrum

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