1. Yea but it’s a lot different than the “traditional” method of blasting everything with RoundUp lol

  2. Roundup is a herbicide.... DDT is a better example of a spray pesticide. It was banned for causing birth defects...

  3. I edited to reflect (small amount), you are correct about large quantities!

  4. 1-2 years is more of a deep pantry IMO. For max life 02 absorbers, mylar bags, metal trashcan stored in basement.

  5. I was going to comment that this place looks familiar then I realized that I've been to several hole in the wall taco places that all look exactly like this and now I'm not so sure I know where it is.

  6. The red and white checked vinyl tablecloths are a MUST!

  7. Yeah--I mean, for sure I still want to buy things that I need and enjoy, I just want to do it consciously. And realistically, I have to lower my standard of living, because of circumstance. But I know most of my attachment to the standard of living I enjoy now is not because I need it or even because I like it that much, but because buying expensive things I don't really need is a habit, it's addictive, and it feels good emotionally.

  8. This is true.... it actually releases endorphines and dopamine in your brain. Shopping addiction can be very real! A lot of people can actually substitute exercise in this situation as it releases the same chemicals in the brain... not saying you have a shopping addiction!... Just saying your description of the feeling you get is scientifically real and documented!

  9. edited: not saying you have a shopping addiction!

  10. Avoid the dealership at all turns - they are there to make money at your expense - period! Sell privately and buy privately. A re-furbed or salvaged transmission is an option and could possibly reduce the total cost, but I would only explore that if you know the rest of the car is solid for a few years and mileage is low-ish.

  11. Nope.... take the 8k and buy a used civic.... better mileage and reliability!

  12. At least they didn't get all Karen about it........

  13. For me it is home repair and auto maintenance/ repair! I have probably saved 100K in 10 years doing my own car repair and home maintenance and upgrades.... saved several 100-1000 last weekend repairing my dishwasher that was stuck in constant drain mode with the help of a few youtubers...

  14. My first place involved a bunch of plastic milk crates.... very versatile... can be a chair, table, storage vessel, stack them. Wow I was poor as he77! To answer the question though, go bare minimum.. a couple of pots and pans and dishes. Figure out what is a mist have after you see what is furnished and find you need it repeatedly. 200$ ish if you hit thrift stores & free for taking ads of FB and CL.

  15. It was easy for me.... I had friends and family that made it into a better income bracket before me. I watched them upgrade car, phone, house, wardrobe, etc. They often ended up financially worse off after the promotion/ pay raise, because they thought it would go farther. I just stay the way I have always been........

  16. The existing CNG infrastucture is more than adequate for hydrogen storage and distribution. It is actually interchangable with CNG for home heating as well. Hydrogen is easily generated from water using electricity in a hydrolysis reaction. The only emission from hydrogen combustion is water vapor. It in every way makes sense! The only thing that is missing at this point is a safer electric supply and thorium is one of the most abundant surface elements on earth.

  17. Hydrolysis conversion to hydrogen is providing a storage mechanism. Sure EV's have heavy metal batteries that can do the same. BUT only 5% of EV batteries are currently recycled. They are piling up and creating a different type of enviro nightmare... lithium, cadmium, lead... just waiting to spill into our water table! At this point all we have done is swap air pollution for heavy metal poisoning of the soil and water...

  18. I eat ramen occasionally... but check the saturated fat and sodium level on the nutritional panel! Not at all a healthy dietary staple IMO.

  19. any deli meat recommended? the ones i only see is hillshire which are like 8 dollar per pound

  20. I usually go with sams club brand, they also do dried salami and cured meat. That is also where I get my cheese. Ocasionally when I find cauliflower, broccoli, peaches, pears etc on sale I will swap them in and out for variety.

  21. it’s always mfs who think academic intelligence is paramount that fail to understand social intelligence, lol. your prototypical redditor.

  22. He had 4 years to do that....... Desantis it is!

  23. It was all a play for power..... We have antigun folks now trying to get gun violence declared a health epidemic, any guesses why?

  24. It is only a health crisis in the aspect that the people doing the shooting may suffer mental health disorder. What is your wise solution to this "public health emergency"?

  25. I love a good Wellington.... the best way to devour beef IMO!

  26. You are confusing having emotions, with being unable to control your emotions!!!! Everyone has emotions, strength is controlling them. Weakness is letting them control you!

  27. cap. so yo mom died, you stronger for not crying, and holding it in?

  28. That is not letting emotion control you, that is expressing them.... there is a difference! Getting so angry that you start throwing punches because a guy is talking to your girl is letting it control you...

  29. Computer using the density of Bran... the closest I could find to soil...

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