1. Omg i didnt even know it was pressed on vinyl

  2. it’s pretty great! the original music was done by johnny greenwood from radiohead & the title score is just 😗🤌

  3. I owned them both on vhs and would rewatch them regularly!

  4. Both are my comfort ppv’s & are stacked from top to bottom with talent

  5. There are a very few original versions of this poster which can go for thousands.

  6. Kinda lucky for me but the guy selling had no idea what he had & was just looking to clear space at the time. But it’s absolutely legit & my fav piece that I own

  7. Yes this is most definitely legit… I got it from someone years ago who owned a record store & was going through old inventory & they found old promo materials for new releases at the time. This was sent out by EMI to help promote the album before the final version was chosen.

  8. A big promo poster for Mother Milk that is uncensored without the rose

  9. tour just started. They will most definitely restock most if not all of the merch before the rest of the shows

  10. I’ll purposely listen to the heavy wing at a lower level & then right before the chorus comes in I blast that shiii

  11. Cheers! Any idea if there is a way to get the european tour versions of the merch like they sold at those shows?

  12. I don’t know for sure but I’d say it’s highly likely that once they’re able to get numbers sorted & get inventory supplied they will put all of the merch on the site. Everyone is just so eager to buy new RHCP merch & music right now that it’s all just selling out almost immediately.. if they’re smart they’ll see that as an opportunity to make more profits. so maybe give it a little more time as I’m sure you’ll get what you’re looking for

  13. such a truly amazing album! WIMPIII has easily become one of my favorites from start to finish. every little detail is as close to perfection as you’ll get & it just gives you a slice of the massive talent they all possess

  14. Can’t 100% but I was just front row tonight and a few rows back for Manchester… his fold back looking device that is in the centre below his mic is of a different make then the fold backs next to it (actual sound FB’s) and they (the sound FB’s) are the same model for chad flea and John… so I’d speculate yes. Based on the fact he has a different looking piece of hard ware at his feet. Annnnnnnd because I watched look down at it every few moments

  15. I saw them in May in New Orleans & noticed he wasn’t kneeling down to tear off the paper lyrics he usually writes down. If it’s true I think its a stellar idea & that he has been nailing nearly every song so far compared to the past. I’ll take it as a sign of some great shows to come

  16. I got printed tickets to Colorado since that was the only show that I’m attending that was offering printed tickets. I actually ending up sending an email to Ticketmaster after about two weeks since no update was ever given & the next day I got a notification that they were mailed out. I got them within two days from that response. Overall probably took about 3 weeks or so for me to have them in hand

  17. you’re probably right about the unpopular opinion part

  18. TURN IT AGAIN!!! BSSM, Especially in Michigan, Look On (solo work) , The Great Apes

  19. I’ve been to this festival once before & it was incredibly fun & the location is absolutely beautiful!

  20. it took him three days to reach the top to meet the pigs in zen

  21. Not so. I don't think John respects that era at all. I could see him playing Dark Necessities before Aeroplane, without a doubt!

  22. he just recently played with Dave while he hasn’t had a relationship with Josh in over 10 years..

  23. don’t flaunt it & be confident with it. you’ll be fine it’s just a lil ouid

  24. see I have the normal hard copy of the tickets but theres an option on ticketmaster for credit card sized laminated tickets too for other events and I've seen people with collector tickets for rhcp

  25. Hmm maybe see if you can get in contact with someone from ticketmaster & see if there is still an option to get a collectors ticket

  26. If you purchased or plan on purchasing tickets to that show then there should be an option to have hard copy tickets mailed to you. Some venues still do this others have gone mobile tickets only

  27. lol wooooow I was standing next to that couple the whole show

  28. When I saw them in Jacksonville, only half the tickets sold and they still performed

  29. It was a helluva good show though! & it felt a lil more intimate

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