1. I'm having the same issue moving from a galaxy s9 to an iphone 13 pro.

  2. I honestly just gave up. The move to iOS app is bad , probably by design and intentionally. I don’t understand why it would only move some texts I will keep them saved in the other phone and online and start new on here

  3. It’s refurbished not from apple. Sounds like they put a cheap aftermarket battery in the phone.

  4. But wouldn't that show on the repair history as a non official part? As part of a recent update it shows if the phone has been repaired or not. They store a very well known one and they did send me one first that wasn't as good in terms of looks and had less battery health and showed 2 repairs. I complained and they sent me a new one, a grade up in the scale. I think the battery would show in phone service history if it was repaired no?

  5. i am using Picasa. its made by google but later they discontinued the support. has face detection, can do general touchups and editing and many more. obviously it can do what you r requiring. only issue is u wont be able to do any online stuff like backup to a could or get any future updates

  6. I remember picasa now that you mentioned it. It was pretty good indeed. Tried to download it but to no success. Will try again later

  7. the reason why i am still using this half a decade old software is its flawless interface. and how everything feels so natural. for example,u can zoom a picture using ur scroll wheel the zoom happens exactly where the cursor is positioned

  8. Check in bluetooth settings if both of

  9. Still haven't able to connect it, will look now more into it because of the notifications.

  10. I have a galaxy watch on the iPhone ... Make sure you have connected both Bluetooth connections with the phone A normal one and one listed as LE

  11. Thank you for the reply! I do have those both connected , I think that’s how I’m able to take the calls on the watch I thought calls would be most difficult thing but I guess not I’m not expecting to be able to reply to notifications like I was able to on my galaxy before but getting the notification alert would be nice

  12. I also don't like the blue on mine, it looks exactly like yours. It's the one thing that makes me not fully like the camera. BTW, you have the Exynos version, right? In the reviews I've watched, the Snapdragon version seems to have slightly better tones.

  13. I do have exynos. I think it was with the s10, there were a lot of complaints that snapdragon was producing better results than exynos. It might be something that is still going on

  14. I have had my base model s21 for about 6 months, I also came from a s10, speakers are fine,calls are crisp and clear. Audio is decent,nothin fancy. No over heating so far..its a nice phone so far..a few glitches here and there but nothing major

  15. I have been trying it now. Comparing it o a iphone 12 pro, the speaker quality is inferior in terms of music but it is ok, and it is loud.

  16. The camera is good on both in different ways....but if I had to pick, I would pick the galaxy but still either one is good

  17. Hello again Sorry to bother you with one more question ahah I watching some videos and was wondering something. Video on the iPhone is great , good colours and very good stabilization. How is the stabilization on the s21 in 4K or at least 1080p? Is it good / comparable to the iPhone or does it lose in that department?

  18. It's good, I would say the iPhone beats it but the iPhone is king of video. So it's not bad ...only if your comparing the 2. Does that make sense

  19. It does make total sense. I don’t take a lot of video anyways but also because video on my phones was always “meh”. But I won’t be putting it side to side so I guess it should be ok

  20. from what i’ve seen 1. yes kind of? you can minimize the notifications and it will collapse to the bottom of the screen and just say for example “8 new notifications” as for the rest i have no idea.

  21. Thank you. Interesting, that might be ok for me if they just keep collapsed. My friends use my phone a lot and I don’t mind but I do like my privacy and that’s a way of keeping it because iPhone notifications are not very private, even i just look because a phone on a table buzzed I can see who texted someone and i don’t even care to know ahah Thank you for the reply !

  22. you can also go to settings > notifications > show previews and set it to “when unlocked” it’s what i do with my phone.

  23. I have to never show preview So it never does , but only instagram really follows this because it only says “one notification “ and only shows the message if you are inside the app. All others still show name and profile picture it it has one

  24. The passcode is the one you have to unlock the phone right ? No option for a different one ?

  25. Go Settings -> Notifications -> Show Previews and set to ‘never’

  26. Thank you I have done that and it doesn't show content but it does show name and profile picture in most apps besides instagram where it only shows content and name when you are inside the app

  27. Would that still work with recent jailbreaks? I'm waiting on a 15.5 jailbreak, I read is soon to be

  28. A store near me is running a promotion and the s22 and s21 are included. They have a price difference of 130$, which is already some money.

  29. That makes sense because instagram does what I was trying to explain and do with all apps but I didn't set it up that way, which is way I was a bit confused if I was missing something

  30. For those testing ios16, did you notice any changes to the notifications and their privacy? I wanted to receive the notifications alert and pop but without a name and picture, like what happens with instagram for example while not on the app. But whatsapp and imessage still show on the lock screen and during usage the name and photo of the person

  31. Is it really on ios 16? The notification privacy (and overall handling, there could be like a dot or something next to the clock letting me know I have something when I'm on other app but that's asking too much already ahah) is one of the main things that is making me thinking about switching back to android and get maybe an s21 or a pixel 6 (I had a s10 before).

  32. This would be WhatsApp’s developers that would need to give this option. Send this as feedback to them.

  33. I thought that would be more on Apple side and how they handle and show notifications. It's like this also with imessage/texts, I always get name and picture (if there is one) on the notifications.

  34. The option appeared for me today in the move to iOS app. For it to work, you need to be a beta tester for whatsapp (I have the version

  35. Just tried it, still not showing up. Latested switch to ios, whatsapp beta tester Ios 15.5

  36. I'm going to try it out. This morning nothing but maybe now It will show. However I am a beta tester but on

  37. It should be possible to sync stuff from iCloud after transferring from Android, just sign into your Apple ID and it should sync. Be wary of deselecting transfer of contacts the second time, to not get duplicates.

  38. Got it. I'm tired of waiting for the whatsapp update and I just having my new phone sitting there while using my old one with a cracked screen and ocasional lag

  39. I have been trying this but it seems that it's not available yet, in a near future it seems

  40. Nope. I seen this trick comes up like 4-5 days ago. But I’m afraid to use it. I want to somehow merge my Whatsapp chat data from android to iOS Whatsapp but guess what, who knows will it work or not.

  41. Since this will be released soon and my current phone isn't in the best shape, I wouldn't mind losing a few days or weeks of whatsapp texts and keep my years of content.

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