1. Lol all you jabronis that voted for this turnip brain president are about to get fucked over for going “green” so ironic

  2. Leave your political opinions at the door please. This sub isn’t for that. Your comment also has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. This is your warning.

  3. As a black woman I thank god everyday for Greta far more than MLK

  4. Does this happen if she’s a Midwest girl working at a diner?

  5. It was insane to see not see burnt up trees and seeing the moss growing on the trunks, it’s so rare nowadays

  6. Or smoke in the air, look at those blue skies! I need to get out there soon. Beautiful pictures :)

  7. Have some discipline and hold off, you’ll thank yourself later

  8. Get after it, good story to tell later. They are definitely a band I’d do something like that for

  9. Did you do any dispersed camping or stay at Whitney portal campground? Looks damn beautiful

  10. Thought you got a new putter the way that tailgate reads lol

  11. I’d those truckers had guns then Justin woulda shit his pants and done reigned a long time ago!


  13. Leave children alone. Quit grooming children with your indoctrinated religion

  14. Thanks! And yeah I’m a firm believer that kids need to get outside and play in the dirt and be bored so they get creative. Some of my best memories are playing in the woods with my sisters at our tree house our dad built. We would camp out there and our mom had to make us sleep in the house some nights.

  15. Freddie Couples get my vote.

  16. great call. I’m a righty but swung a baseball bat left handed because of how smooth he made it look. at 38, I can still hit better left handed than right

  17. I was the exact same way. My golf swing is right handed but if I try to swing a baseball bat right handed it just feel awkward

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