1. !!! I don’t understand why stating the obvious got so many upvotes but the opinion deduced from that trailer was downvoted. Trailers are supposed to be enticing. If it turned off a potential viewer, they’re not gonna care that it’s a 3hr movie, which by the way, sounds exhausting.

  2. because there are great movies with bad trailers and bad movies with great trailers. trailers have zero meaning at all. it is not possible to tell the quality of a movie from a trailer. the trailer for the florida project was awful.

  3. who gives a fuck. trailers are 100% meaningless. they mean nothing. they don't tell you anything about the quality of the movie. there are great movies with bad trailers and bad movies with great trailers

  4. I’d say Moonlight. I know everyone adores that film and while certain parts of it were good I find it incredibly overrated and I only think it won because of cultural reasons. I mean, Ali literally won when his character died in the first 10 minutes of the film. Doesn’t make any sense to me

  5. Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean everyone else was pretending to like it. I was blown away by the visuals of the movie and the performances.

  6. I'm gay and I like watching gay-themed movies, but I hate Billy Eichner and the gay scene/party/drug culture so I skipped this one.

  7. How was this possibly on anyone's predictions? The trailer was trash. This opening could be seen coming a mile away.

  8. It doesn't matter if the trailer is trash. Trailers don't mean anything. It's a well written and well acted movie.

  9. Consent is the only thing that matters. There might be some exceptions like it's not okay to kill people even if they consent to it.

  10. I think people just don't watch every single minute of every single one of his streams

  11. I have roommates but I have visitors stay in my room, I've never had issues with it.

  12. There is a list of maybe 100 films that you’ll be downvoted for saying you didn’t like them.

  13. I’ve been downvoted for saying walk hard and Talladega nights are some of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. This sub really likes to defend the mckay/apatow style for some reason

  14. Healthcare workers also deal with stress but are extremely well compensated. Serving is a shitty job. You deal with entitled twits, work shitty/inconsistent hours for minimum wage (and i think its below minimumwage in most provinces). Everyone should have a little service experience to realize it's not just "bringing food to a table".

  15. but there are other customer service workers that don't get tips and also only get paid minimum wage

  16. sometimes when people (men) hate astrology vehemently it has the essence of hating when girls like things.

  17. girls don't like astrology. there are just as many men into astrology as there are women

  18. Like anything that is mainly enjoyed by women/queer people (pumpkin spice lattes, Twilight, etc) astrology gets a disproportionate amount of hate from patriarchal society. Astrology isn't hurting anyone, unlike things that are traditionally popular with men (football, cars) but those things aren't given the same constant and vicious criticism that astrology is.

  19. The first girl isn't talking about people who simply just wouldn't date a sex worker. She's talking about people who randomly declare they wouldn't date a sex worker when no one asked.

  20. It’s morally OK to be selective about whom you date. Frankly, there are very good health reasons to avoid dating sex workers. Sex workers are at higher risk of STIs. Sex workers are at higher risk of being stalked. Do those sound like problems you want in your life?

  21. They're actually at lower risk of STIs because they get tested more while everyone else doesn't get tested enough.

  22. I keep seeing this scumbag say we're forcing kids to transition/ castration etc, but the left is saying it's not happening? Is there a good source of information on this? What is actually happening and why are the kids going there?

  23. If someone makes a claim that kids are being forced to transition, then the person who makes that claim is responsible for proving the claim. If you make any claim, then it's your job to prove it. It's not anyone else's job to disprove a claim that there's no proof for.

  24. "I’d argue any Hispanic deserves to be called one in the right context." Its still race-based. You dont call some fucking german a gusano, you call them a gusano because theyre cuban. Its not that gusano is a horrible word or as bad as the n word, its bad because people on the left know for some time now that you probably shouldn't attack people based on something they cant change. Even if ita a political insult at the same time, say uncle tom.

  25. No one is being called a gusano just for being Cuban. It's like calling someone a scab or counter-revolutionary.

  26. The artist intention was for his wife to lower the mans pride and ego, drug addiction, going to clubs, having a certain style and make him a man suitable to take care of a family. Some people think this is wrong because its changing his personality but its actually good. it gives a healthier life style for himself and show a better example for his kid.

  27. Or they are just growing as people. View the image the way you want. Just pictures can tell so many stories. Why do we assume the women was "fixing" him? Maybe he changed for her.

  28. He hasn't displayed any growth. He just went from being a cool person to being a boring person.

  29. Pretty much. Cyclists can keep their toys on the sidewalk where they belong.

  30. Fair enough. I hope you don’t live in America and have to suffer in such a horrible place? It’s real easy to get a three year visa and move to Liberia if you do. Good luck with that.

  31. That is completely irrelevant. It doesn't matter how good it is to live in the US. The US has done fucked up things towards people in other countries. That is what matters.

  32. It's not pornographic at all. There is plenty of children's media out there that talks about monsters eating people.

  33. Wow, the pearl clutching! Progressive online politics/debate bros communities are cesspools of infightings, petty squabbles and vapid virtue signaling. I just want the cream of those cesspools to rise to the top. Some streamers are objectively way more knowledgeable and fact-based when crafting their arguments than others. Both Destiny’s viewership and sub counts show that.

  34. Destiny is not more fact-based than anyone else. And being more fact-based or knowledgeable has nothing to do with viewership.

  35. Let the numbers speak for themselves. 508k vs 407k subs. In about one year, Destiny has gained over 100k subs while Vaush has completed stagnated. Destiny is clearly producing much more compelling content and reaching a wider audience, not just constantly preaching and virtue signaling to the choir over and over and over with the same 5 takes.

  36. This is so dumb. Popularity does not correlate with quality at all. Most of the highest grossing movies are shit.

  37. The fact that you are defending a Disney property says that you have lost the thread.

  38. That’s a great breakdown of the narrative and who am I to argue that that’s not what people take from it. Yet, it’s still a story about a 16 year old girl running away from home to marry the first guy she meets. I don’t like the message that you need a guy/partner to be happy.

  39. It's okay to run away from home. She doesn't need a guy to be happy. She needs to be human to be happy, because the human world is where she truly belongs. The guy was just a bonus.

  40. At least spending money on streaming platforms gives you more than 1 source of entertainment.

  41. But you can voluntarily donate just a few dollars while with a streaming service you have to pay at least $10

  42. Man there are a lot of defensive teenagers in this thread. Getting called out hurts doesnt it?

  43. Please actually provide an explanation. How is a person that willingly donates money being scammed? Everyone knows that the streamer is a millionaire. But fans donate money because they're entertained by the streams and they want the person to continue doing streams in the future.

  44. How about we do without the labels and just say people can sleep with whichever gender they feel like.

  45. Because it's easier to say a single word like lesbian that it is to say "I'm attracted to women only". The label has utility in a lot of situations.

  46. I don't agree with her? Like ok for a fully transitioned transwoman like her, people have no difficulty perceiving her as a woman, but what about people who are at the beginning / awkward stage of the transition? When people can actually perceive they were born as the opposite sex?

  47. Some gay men are attracted to both dick and pussy. Some are only attracted to dick. A gay man dating a trans man is still gay. It's a man dating a man. It's not useful for a man like that to call himself bisexual or pansexual, because he's not attracted to women. He's only attracted to men so he's gay.

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