1. Thank you so much for posting this! My fur baby's love to give me kisses(lick my nose or cheek), when i come home., i would be devastated if i had something on my skin that would hurt or possibly kill them! I dont even want to think about it!😭

  2. Honestly, every powder product from complex culture, that i have recieved in my glam bags, has came broken! I dont know why?, but it has, even the replacements that Ipsy has sent has came broken, i finally just told IpsyCare that i needed to be refunded for that item or to send something else! Usually, if it came from my Glam bag, they would send me a different item, if it was a add on, they would refund me.

  3. I cancelled because my June Glam bag has not shipped and Ipsy told me that i should recieve my bag by the 20th of July???? WTF? BUT, I do agree that the emails are really aggrevating, especially the emails that keep reminding you that you have Free Glam Bags to give away!

  4. My Glam Bag has not even Shipped and all IpsyCare can say is that they dont issue refunds for Glam bags and they are working on getting my bag together to be shipped!😠 At this point, i just want my money back for the Glam bag and Add ons that i ordered!

  5. 100% Agree! Just like my Skynn Iceland Set that i ordered, i got a shipping confirmation on the 10th of June and DHL still has not recieved it! Plus my regular Glam bag still has not shipped!😠

  6. I know this crap straight makes me mad!!! There has been so many products on Ipsy that people has purchased multiple's of, only to get top price for, on Ebay, Mercari ect., especially if it's a product or set that i would of purchased for my own use, and don't even get the chance to purchase it, on the website. I done decided along time ago, that i won't purchase anything from anybody that receives Ipsy and has multiples of the same product. I would rather go on the actual brands website and pay for it., or even wait until the product is on sale!!!

  7. That's a good idea, to try it when I like all choices equally. Some people say they had the best bag when they didn't choose. Maybe IPSY "system" works better this way. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. They have told me the same thing about choosing less options/variations, i have tried not choosing a product for my bag and had everything in the Skin Care Catergory Marked Rarely, but still recieved Three Skin Care Items in my bag, it didn't make a difference! Honestly, after complaining every month about my Glam bag to IpsyCare and Sharing my Glam Bag on Facebook and writing bad comments on the post, Ipsy has finally went by my profile for the June Bag. Now, i am just hoping that my Glam bag gets delivered with the same products it shows that i am supposed to be getting!!!

  9. This is getting ridiculous. I subscribed 4 years ago. The GB was $10 a month.

  10. I know right! I have been with Ipsy for 5 years now, it has gotten ridiculous! I remember getting the Huda Lippies in my $10.00 Glam bag, and the products and daily offers being so much better and cheaper! It is sad, Ipsy used to be such a great subscription, now they are just greedy!!!

  11. Random order just arrived. I didn’t order any of this.

  12. I am cancelled and can shop pop-up, flash, and 2nd chance add-ons.

  13. Yeah, this was about two years ago, they have changed it, good news for me!!!

  14. I cancelled in Feb and have shopped sales without a problem. I'm in the US, if that makes a difference.

  15. I am in the US too, they must of changed it, because back before i cancelled for the month, I contacted IpsyCare and asked what sales i could shop if i cancelled my subscription, They told me that i would only be able to shop the Daily Offers, then when i cancelled, that is all i got to shop, was the Offers., but this was about two years ago, alot has changed with Ipsy! Thanks for posting your comment, it will help me decide to cancel for good! If, i can shop all the sales, without a subscription, it wont be so hard to cancel my subscription with them!

  16. These are $10 in the Ipsy shop and I'm curious if anyone has tried them, or similar lashes from DiTO. I don't usually wear lashes but was thinking about getting some for a wedding that I'll be part of next month. Hopefully someone can share their experience with them!

  17. I was actually wondering the same thimg about these lashes! I will tell you that my first pair of magnetic lashes came from Glamnetic(From Ipsy Offers) They are easy to put on, and this is coming from a person that just started experimenting with any type of Lashes! I have major problems getting regular adhesive and lashes to stick to my lashes and placing them correctly. I tried the Magnetic Lashes that dont have any type of adheasive or Magnetic Liner, that you just have to connect the top lash magnets to the bottom lash magnets, and that was worse! Lol, They are harder to put on, then what they look! But, when i tried the Glamnetic Magnetic Virgo Lashes and Magnetic Liner, i had NO issue at all!!! The only problem is, that they are defitnetly on the more expensive side, if you purchase them on there website.

  18. Idk if anyone has posted this already but I just got my mystery bag! The contents: Sur. Medic Age control-multi vita, Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, Shades by Shan eyeshadow in mami & hexed, Sophia+mabel tinted lip oil in jellyfish , Belle en argent “the secret power concealer brush”

  19. Thank you for posting your Mystery Bag! I was curious to see what products were going to be this bag. I really like the butterfly and flower key chain and have seriously thought about getting this bag. Is the keychain detachable?

  20. it is on mine. and I got the exact same products inside as OP.

  21. Thank you confirming about the detachable keychain!!! I was hoping it was!!! :-)

  22. I recieved one of Jecca Blac's primers in the same size in my regular Glam bag, i think alot of her products are on the smaller size, but a little is supposed to go a long way, they say! I chose the Texture AIIR in the first Glam bag X with Patrick Ta., It actually is not to bad! I like that it doesn't leave any residue in my hair! I would love to try the Rodial Glow Drops and the Girlatick Jello Balm! I really like Girlatick! I am glad that you got a good bag!

  23. It's on sale on Huda Beauty's Website as well! All of her perfumes are on sale right now!

  24. According to a post on here and on My Subscription Addiction., When Ipsy and Boxycharm Merge, there is not supposed to be a price increase and the Glam bag Plus stays at $28.00., but who knows, Ipsy has not announced it yet and i have not gotten a email saying that there is a price increase in the Glam bag, plus i was charged the $13.87 for my bag this month.

  25. Ughhhh yep, I never ever bothered complaining about my variation because I saw them reply to people on Instagram "I told you I don't wear eyeliner" or something of the sort, saying to simply update their beauty quiz. After switching mine up over 10x, I came to the conclusion that it was futile.

  26. I am glad that Ipsy goes by your beauty profile and reviews, because they for sure dont go by mine! I have been with Ipsy for 5 years now, my bags have gotten worse this last year. I can understand that you are not always going to get what your beauty profile says that you prefer or even if you leave a bad review for a product or brand, but still get that type of product, or a product from the same brand., every once in a while, but i have literally recieved the same type of product,(I marked Rarely on)three months in a row and then Ipsy sends me pink shaded products,(lippies, blush ect.)ALL THE TIME, even when i have contacted IpsyCare and have told them that i dont like and wont use Pink Shades., Plus i always leave a one star for any pink shaded cosmetic that i do receive in my bag. Ipsy don't care, i still get pink shades! I am just hoping that Ipsy doesn't get worse with this merge with BoxyCharm, because i will cancel if it does! I hope for your sake, that you continue to be happy with the products you receive in your bag every month., i just know Ipsy is not what they used to be, Five years ago!!!

  27. I don’t have Glam Bag X. Can I see what’s going to be in this bag before upgrading? Also, do they typically end up selling the items in the flash sales/add ons? Thanks!

  28. Honestly, i am probably going to have a "unliked" response from people here on Reddit, but that's okay. They make the GBX look and sound really good, but i know when i recieved my first and only GBX, the Patrick Ta collaboration, i was so dissapointed with what i recieved and the products that i got to choose from. I also know that with the Huda GBX, alot of people were lucky just to get two of her products and the spoilers for that bag looked Awesome!(If you like Huda). I am glad that i didn't decide to get it! I just know that $58.00(with tax), is alot of money for products that i wont use or like and most of the time, the items in the GBX end up being sold as add ons or through Ipsy Offers and there sales.Yeah, the brands listed for the May GBX look really good, but i know Bite beauty has had there stuff on sale for a while now, on Sephora and there website. Sunday Riley could be repeated products(I dont mind that! I Love Sunday Riley!), Iconic London is being featured in Boxycharms Premium Box, plus you can recieve there Face Pallette as a gift for joining this month. Dont get me wrong, the brands that are being featured for May GBX, are really good brands., if you would actually get those brands in your Box!!! IMO! :-)

  29. When I got my Huda bag I only got one huda product- this liquid lip mat that was so thick and gooey and dried on my lips and they looked so dry and gross. I did buy a Huda eyeshadow palette from boxycharm later on that I really enjoy. Overall, I have been happy with the things I have recieved in my X bags, but I do feel that the curators' products have been overhyped and it's a bit of false advertising. I don't hope to get much from the curators but, in my experience, Ipsy is still the best beauty subscription. I've gone on the site to cancel my x bags 3 times and I chickened out when I saw the message that I might not be able to get them again in the future. The best face moisturizer I've ever used came in one of those boxes. I'm almost out but I can't afford to replace it because it's $140.

  30. Ipsy always says that when you try to cancel your subscription!, they are hoping that you will change your mind, by saying that you might not be able to recieve the GBX or the products being featured in the future. When i cancelled my subscription, i recieved the confirmation saying that i have been unsubscribed, but it also said that if i wanted to sign back up at ANY time, i could and there would be no waiting list for me. Yeah, i have been with Ipsy for almost 5 years now, i have had several different beauty box subscriptions but have stayed with Ipsy. I am glad that you have been happy with GBX, i just can't afford to spend that kind of money on a subscription, and not use the products., i am glad that it has turned out to be good for you!

  31. When they revealed the Aprils Glam bag, it said at the bottom of the page, that due to supply chain issues, not all ipsters will be receiving the bag, instead, they will be sending a previous bag to take its place.(Something like that) I haven't recieved the email saying i wouldn't be receiving the Daisy bag, but if i do, i will be a little bummed! It is so cute!!! I am so sorry your not receiving the bag this month!

  32. Also noticed the Gerard lippie from plus last month is now a reg gb item this month. Seems sort of unfair.

  33. It's a different color. And regular GB did used to have more FS lip products before they added more expensive pricing tiers, so it's nice to see. I got 3 different Huda liquid lip products in my regular GB, which was $10 at the time.

  34. This is very true! I also recieved the Full Sized Huda and Gerald Lippies in my glam bag, when it was $10.00.

  35. I have recieved a Full Size Gerald Lip product in my regular Glam bag a couple of years ago, Ipsy does give Full Sized products in the Regular Glam bag, but i do see your point!

  36. I am receiving the Shades by Shan Primer and the Firma Brush too., i recieved this brush back in 2018. My bag this month sucks!

  37. No, i have not tried the primer before, i chose the Shades by Shan Lipgloss last month, in the shade Erica., i was not that impressed with it, it really didnt have any pigmentation, it was just basically light glitter with a clear base, when i applied it, so i don't really know what to expect from the primer. Have you tried it yet?

  38. When that has happened to me(on any brand), I've usually been able to stick it back in and make it work. I'm also very nervous now because I ordered several in add-ons. It's the make-up item I use the most!! Normally like at Sephora, to get 2 of them, costs about 50 bucks, so for $12 I was kike heck ya. Lol. ABH brow wiz is my favorite ever!

  39. Hey! This is a little of subject, but did you know that on the Sephora App., you can purchase there(Sephora)deluxe sample box's for $8.00 right now? Plus a 15% off coupon towards the Full Sized products that you get in the box. I know one of them had the ABH brow wiz and the Sephora Clear Brow Gel. I have the Flash Shipping and dont have to pay for shipping, but with Shipping cost(Unless you use Promo Code FREESHIP, If it is still available),the box would be around $15 or so. But the products that come in there boxes are high end items and well worth the money!

  40. Thank you for the feedback! I felt the gloss was the weakest sample out of the five but can’t wait to give it a try! (:

  41. I chose the lipgloss last month, it is really pretty, not alot of pigment, but the sparkle in it, makes my lips pop!

  42. Haven’t complained in a while, but this really made me so annoyed.

  43. It is really annoying! I recieved the deodorant last month, and like all the other Refreshments products, it is crap!

  44. I had the deoderant last month and i seriously considered quitting. id be furious if this happened again :( and its the ipsy's pick too omg

  45. I got the deodorant too!, But in my regular Glam bag, i thought that was bad, but seeing that Ipsy also put Refreshments items in GBP, that is flat out wrong! Every product that i have ever had from Refreshments has sucked!, except the razors and combs, but the other crap is not good at all!!!

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