1. I actually am very happy with both of my bags, first time ever. Im disappointed I missed the purple eyeliner. I hopped on to pick my GBP but didn't have time for the add ons till later in the day.

  2. I have the straightening brush. I bought it for my son he has hair I long for. Its long just the right thicknesses, and corkscrew curls. I tried it on him (also have the flat iron) it went through his hair easily but took multiple tries to actually get it "straight" . I didn't want to put it on the highest setting and damage his hair, so that might change the final result. The flat iron is 1000x better at actually straightening, but the brush is decent just do not expect perfectly straight flat hair. It will have volume/body and some wave to it.

  3. I actually purchased it when they first came out and had the same issues as you. Terrible razor IMO. However, it does seem to work well for some, just not me.

  4. I really wanted this so I looked into it. I have very fine thin hair. The size of this wave maker is insanely large so I decided to pass. It is just huge.

  5. I was hoping someone would post this. I was extremely disappointed that a clip, a dollar store clip was one of my choices. Then every item in my choice section were in the $12 add ons. Completely dissapointing. All that disappointment ontop of the fact I tried to pause plus (during October, not yesterday or today) and my only option was to pause December. I emailed them to cancel X which they did.

  6. Mine is doing the same. I am secretly hoping my picks change as I really don't like my bag. I'll keep my pallet choice and the candle they added but the rest is woof.

  7. For shits sake I’ll be saving mine till they expire at this point.

  8. Thank you for reminding me I have points that expire tomorrow. I have been waiting for something decent to come along and actually let points expire, but decided nope gonna get something. Last month I was on the fence for the razor as I have blades and someone (cough other half cough) decided that the razor sucked and threw away the handle after he used it. Now I cant lie it did suck but why would you throw it away when I still have blades? Anyways I was thinking of getting the razor just to use the blades I still have, but just couldn't do it. So with all of that nonsense I got the blush I may not use but I can gift it to someone but at least I used points.

  9. I cancelled my X no problem a couple days. Are you doing it through the app?

  10. No I am weird and do not have the app. Its probably the only app I do not have.. Off to download it.

  11. Why do they make this difficult. Why can't we just skip or cancel the X on the site like the base bag or the plus. Oh they tried to offer me 1200 points to stay. Can't do anything with that.

  12. For $30ish dollars I get myself a lego advent calendar. Much better value, and actually useful minis in it.....

  13. My base bag and plus shipped a day apart. I received my base bag last week. Plus still nothing from the 5th.

  14. Easy nope. Last year people seemed very disappointed with what they received vs. price point.

  15. I wanted the fat pore stuff, but read reviews and it causes breakouts on sensitive skin so it was out. The ABH is small, plus has political issues. YTTP and ELF seemed like they would also disagree with my skin. So pallet it is.....

  16. So my Bubble mailer came empty. Ipsy is sending a replacement (bets on what I actually get) But from this picture the material looks like what Mattel uses for barbie clothes.

  17. Why do I feel like I'm the only one thinking they can put wrapped poop in the bags as long as I get the bags I will be happy.

  18. I think the bag as a choice for me would have actually made me happy....

  19. Thanks to this post I went and ordered both polishes, the tatcha rice wash, and the purple eyeliner. The polishes were OOS for my base bag but instock for my plus bag. It makes me feel a tad better about my crappy plus bag, just stinks I have to spend more money to feel good about a bag.

  20. Also bag twins. I was torn between the headband and the liner during choice. With the thought of the boys making fun of mom in the headband I chose the liner. I very happy with this bag, not thrilled at all with my plus bag.

  21. Mine is doing the same thing onky worse. Alot leaked i have not opened it theres silver flakes floating in the bag with the liquid. I need to contact ipsy

  22. Paid. Go in to workday and enter the date on your summons and submit it. Give a copy of the summons to your GM. If you are chosen to surve as a juror you will have to do the same thing with that notice and put in for that time. I unsure of how many days petco pays but you can look it up.

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