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  1. Not only mentality but also the unreliable public transport. If I had to go to work by bus, which is around 10km away, I would have to leave 1.5 hours before. So in the morning I would have to leave at 6.30am in order to arrive at work at 8am. If I finish work at 5pm, I would arrive home at 7.30pm. Instead I use my car, leave at 7.15am, get stuck in traffic for 45 minutes, no hassle of walking from the bus stop to the office, and arrive home at 5.30pm.

  2. Most of the companies don’t register with jobs plus if you do part time job. So , you will have all part time money for yourself.

  3. It's a speaker. If there's a danger in the building, you can hear alarm and safety instructions through it.

  4. It’s not a car. It’s a three wheeler usually called as Auto rickshaw 🛺

  5. If you have money, Student visa is easy to get

  6. It's pretty easy, fly here and never go back... or come here for business reasons. Or try and get your citizenship🤥

  7. I had went to many doctors for chest X-rays and for the driving license , all were having the surname as Dr on their doors .

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