Sarah Palin Just Lost a 50-Year GOP Seat to Alaska’s First Native Rep

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  1. Yes, there's Topaz Gigapixel, which works absolutely great, it's used by companies like Netflix and Sony

  2. De ce-i mai ușor să te naști în Brașov, Cluj, sau Bihor decât București?

  3. Or is it Ringo? I'm Not sure actually I saw the Video where they talked about it and that the drum fill at the end might have been Ringo because it's very well... Ringo Like

  4. It's Paul. The song was recorded on 28-30 August 1968. Ringo left the studio on 22 August 1968 and he returned on 5 September 1968.

  5. Half and half. Kevin Shields and Colm Ó Cíosóig are Irish, Bilinda Butcher and Debbie Googe are English. The band moved to London in 1985, and after that Debbie and Bilinda joined.

  6. Actually, isn’t Kevin Shields American by birth?

  7. They want a solid red vote in the Senate, no matter what - without thinking about the consequences. Senators are meant to be independent and think for themselves and not always agree with their party or the executive. Political parties have become too powerful.

  8. Nu inteleg ce vrei sa zici? Nu esti de accord ca e un nationalist, sau nu crezi ca a spus ca era mai bine daca castigau naizstii?

  9. Nu, zic de Zaiafet că e atât de tâmpit că suge pula naziștilor de parcă nu l-ar fi aruncat pe el într-un lagăr de exterminare. Mă refeream la el că și-a spart capul la naștere și de-aia e un idiot cu spume :P

  10. Oh there are still musicheads who are still stanning Kanye. I stopped watching one music youtuber of note because he did a massive defense of Kanye claiming he was making these choices due to his bipolar disorder and love of children. He then went so far to say silencing Kanye's opinion "made YOU the Nazi."

  11. I wonder how much that youtuber got paid to suck Kanye's cock. Because if he did it for free, he's the biggest fucking moron on the planet.

  12. To use a wildly inappropriate analogy…a semi recent Disney cartoon had the standard goofy incompetent villain for season 1, in the finale a REAL villain takes over, and…basically immediately almost kills the hero, who only survives by agreeing to blackmail essentially at gunpoint. It’s a weirdly terrifying turn to have a VERY legitimate threat pop up in what was until then a very happy go lucky monster of the week story with no stakes.

  13. She doesn't have the depth or warmth, so she's worse than a cunt XD

  14. I'm in the same boat, man, looking for a female vocalist and having a hard time finding one. All I can say is best of luck :)

  15. Yes I think it's obvious that even if you don't give two shits about women's rights the fact that they are constantly harassed and convinced that they can't trust anyone because of a bunch of assholes that can't get a hold on themselves actually makes things harder for everyone, men included. I don't understand that this isn't common sense, everyone with even a modest predisposition for basic logic should see that women complaining about these issues are right.Some people will complain that feminists and women in general are overly emotional, defensive and have a prejudiced view of men. Well, even if that's right, where do you think this came from ? The amount of women I know who've been sexually assaulted (and I'm not talking about "bad sexual jokes" or "dick picks" social network sexual assault, I mean an actual assault on them in order to use their bodies without their consent) is frankly ridiculous. How can we expect them to not have a hard time trusting men ?And it's not like I'm exaggerating or blowing things out of proportion, that is painfully obvious even in my close social circle. I've seen the police involved for actual cases of sexual assault in this close social circle at least three times in the past five years maybe ? And I don't live in some crackead trailer park either. Not even counting friends and family who told me about it after the fact or second hand accounts. And cases where the victim never told anyone, the probability of which frankly seems high.

  16. He’s also been accused of sexual assault by a number of people, including the kid you mentioned

  17. Da, uneori regret că nu m-am forțat să studiez ceva ce uram dar m-ajuta mai mult la găsit servici, în loc de politică internațională. Pe de altă parte, dacă studiam ceva ce uram sau cu care nu rezonam, aș fi fost mizerabil pe tot parcursul universității.

  18. this is actually something these guys have believed for a long time.

  19. He also said during the trial: "The confession of the accused is not essential. The confession of the accused is a medieval principle of jurisprudence."

  20. Thank fuck I'm not the only one who misread it like that XD

  21. Remarcabil că n-au inclus „evreismul”, că eventual toți fasciștii ajung la „DA JOOS”

  22. Yeah I was in a pretty bad headspace for a few days but I’m doing better now. Trying to reflect on certain negative attitudes I’ve held onto for a long time and not fall into them. Thanks for the reply

  23. You're welcome. I didn't notice the date, that's embarrassing...

  24. I mean if you are telling me to go to therapy I have to say I don’t think that’ll work. If I wanted to pay someone to tell me I was a loser who sees things wrong despite constantly being proven correct in my day to day life I would just give someone on Reddit money to be an asshole to me. The amount of people who stay in therapy for years and act so mature and better than you but still suck as people and are unhappy is way too high for the amount of times I’ve seen therapy recommended o

  25. I'd like to know as well, the only thing I can see is that the Democratic Party lost 2 seats in California, which... doesn't seem like that much. New York had more seat losses.

  26. You cannot convince me neither Janet Napolitano nor Gretchen Whitmer have some hate porn parody out there made about them. It’s probably horrific, but it almost certainly exists.

  27. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a porn parody of Big Gretch, but it'd be funny if it turned to be actually a well-made and respectful porn. XD

  28. Cred ca nu ai inteles... Daca intrebi o femeie ce vrea, va zice ca un tip romantic, sa-i faca pe plac, sa-i aduca flori, sa se poarte frumos...

  29. De unde tot vin gândacii ăștia PUA-iști...

  30. Fute autostrăzile, ne trebuie mai multe căi ferate și transport public, nu autostrăzi.

  31. Doar două zile libere pe lună? OP, fute-i în morții mă-sii și du-te la ITM să-i fută în cur pentru un căcat ca ăsta!

  32. So for you anyone who's a "loser" is automatically a "creep"?

  33. Now this is fucking epic. Keep at it Foxconn workers!

  34. "She has a reputation for making friends and allies across the aisle."

  35. On top of everything else, he reads like a character in a bodice-ripper.

  36. Yeah, his legacy will be forever stained by the fact that he sat by and let neoliberalism ravage New Zealand, despite being from the Labour Party, like, dude, you could've at least tried to resist the eighties' worst bullshit XD

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