1. Yes. Yes it has. My hubby is planning to bang out the waves and add a blade for better scooping.

  2. Oh man I am JELLY. Look at those wheel weights and pretty fresh rubber on the wheels. How much did you pay for this??

  3. $1500!! She has an undiagnosed engine issue; gets coolant in the oil. But she runs GREAT and can handle the medium duty we use her for. At some point we’ll get in there and check out the head gasket (probably next season).

  4. Yes. It's a lot of syncing cycles with BCP a d then shots to prepare your uturus. My surgery used laser for retrieval. Surgery itself took 20-30 min. Then I was tired for 2-4 hrs. My biggest complaint was for 24 hr after it would be sore when I urinated. But holding it was worse and made my bladder sore... I donated 3-4 times, and had to go to work the next day once (vet assistant-physical, on my feet all day, heavy lifting) and it was fine. I have noticed zero long term impacts.

  5. My adrenal fatigue has led to hypoglycemia so if I don’t eat some protein or fat before bed, I can’t sleep. It’s worse for a while if I overdo it. Do you have issues with low blood sugar? If so you may need to have a snack later in the evening.

  6. It might be SLIGHTLY better since beef is aged a bit before butchering, but it’s the grinding that really jacks up the histamine, so I’d still proceed with caution.

  7. I hear you. So few people understand this disease. All I can say is you must listen to your body. If you need to rest, rest. Forcing yourself to be active will just make it take longer to get better. It’s your life; you have to take charge of it, even if it means you have to set some boundaries with your family. But I know it’s hard. Hang in there, and good luck!

  8. No folate test. Strawberry effect seems unlikely to be placebo; it hits me out of the blue every time, many times over many years, and each time I’ve forgotten about it in-between and realize what’s going on only after lots of journalling and head-scratching. I don’t really eat many of the other high-folate foods due to various sensitivities, so maybe that’s why it hits me so hard? I guess I should get my levels tested but I don’t have a doc I like to work with right now so that feels a little overwhelming.

  9. Wow, thanks for your thoughtful, supportive comment. So in order to post on this sub I’m not allowed to ever eat anything with sugar in it?

  10. All beer (and cider) is going to be a problem because it still contains all the yeast etc that created the histamine in the first place. Some people do ok with tequila/mezcal. Alcohol is tricky because not only does it contain histamine, it ALSO blocks DAO production. So it is best to cut it out entirely, at least for a while. But for a special treat, ‘clear’ alcohol works best for most because it has had the ‘stuff’ distilled out. I personally prefer scotch, so if I’m going to have some I just make sure to have it well before or after mealtime.

  11. They ARE the worst. Been there. Hang in there; this too shall pass. Since you are going to a naturopath today I will resist the urge to give advice but just know that there are things you can do to feel better. It will take time to heal all the way but along the way you will find lots of little things that give you relief!

  12. Not quite that bad, no, just that I had to keep taking really deep breaths or yawning to get enough oxygen.

  13. You’re not alone! Progesterone cream changed my life. I use it every day. A little dab week one of my cycle, a little more the next week and gradually up to a full pump for about the last ten days of my cycle. Make sure it’s Progesterone USP and not a) yam based or b) synthetic.

  14. It’s wonderful that you’re considering going raw! Not only will it help your older kitty lose weight, but her coat will get softer and shinier, and she may become more playful or energetic. And yes, you will definitely be doing their kidneys a favor.

  15. This is great information! I think I will definitely start premix, because like you said, this is all VERY new and I know I’d get overwhelmed, especially since I’m trying to change my diet too lol. Do you know of any brands I should stay away from/any brands you think are worth every penny?

  16. Unfortunately I don’t, bc I jumped right into DIY, but if you ask that question in this sub I bet you’ll get tons of answers!

  17. She might be asking for plain meat. If I remember correctly, all of the foods you reference here have either plants or synthetic vitamins or both. Try giving her a few meals of just plain meat+bone+organ (70:10:20 ratio) and see what she says. You can start with grocery store meat and if she likes it, order from

  18. Oh thank you! Yes, that makes sense because she loves her treats and they’re just meat. Are grocery meats safe though? Is there a specific kind you would recommend that’s safest? For example is organic grass fed beef safer than organic ground turkey? Thanks so much!

  19. Grocery store meat is ok short term. Beef is better simply because chicken and turkey are high omega 6, even if pastured, but rotating through species gives you a nice nutritional balance, so it’s ok to go with what she likes for the moment.

  20. It’s a lot of things, hence the varied answers you’ve received so far. Two big ones are a) gut health (via the gut-brain axis) and blood sugar regulation. When my blood sugar is all over the place I am moodier and weepier. When my gut bacteria are off, I am irritable and anxious. Carnivore helps with both of those things.

  21. How do you know when your gut bacteria are 'off'?

  22. You can order a stool test online without a doctor’s prescription, or you can do a lot of reading and see if your experience lines up with other people’s who have it.

  23. Thank you! do you believe that adrenal fatigue may last for a few years? like 5-8 years ? is it possible?

  24. I wish that was true about cooked food. I get horrible histamine reactions to ANY leftovers in the fridge. Everything is frozen (fridge doesn't really do anything to slow histamine, freezer stops it for the most part.) before cooking and after.

  25. Same. If I am not able to eat something right when it’s thawed, I am way better off leaving it uncooked than cooking it and storing it.

  26. Just gotta keep talking to practitioners til you find someone who has helped people with this condition before. Some allergists get it; others say it doesn’t exist. Even those who acknowledge it may or may not have experience with successful treatments.

  27. I am not a biochemist but my lay person’s understanding is that one of two things is happening: a) stress hormones are involved in the process of burning stored fat for fuel. So when we run out of blood sugar from our last meal, our adrenals have to kick into gear to keep us going. Or b) we run out of electrolytes and our blood pressure starts to drop. So we need adrenaline to keep it from going too low. Both happen to me; if I don’t eat for a while I either get really sleepy (low blood sugar) or heart-poundy (low blood pressure leading to adrenaline).

  28. Thank you very much for responding i truly appreciate the time you took to reply.

  29. Yes, that is my understanding; when we eat regularly, our adrenals don’t have to work so hard. Good luck!

  30. This could be histamine intolerance, but it could also be a million other things; salicylate intolerance for example, or a sulfite allergy. The best way to know if it’s a histamine intolerance is to eat very low histamine for a few weeks and see how you feel. There are many lists online telling you what to eat and not eat but the most important thing is to stay away from protein that has been ground or allowed to age: in other words, if eating meat, choose whole cuts, buy them frozen or freeze them after purchase, then freeze any leftovers immediately and, when you’re ready to eat them, thaw/reheat them quickly (think microwave, not countertop). Likewise stay away from yogurt, aged cheeses, fermented vegetables… if you’re still not sure after eliminating these and other high histamine foods for 3 or 4 weeks, reintroduce them all at once and see if you feel worse. If so, it just means that your elimination diet was not long enough/not low enough in histamine, and also that you may need some nutritional supplements or enzymes to further lower your histamine levels. Good luck, keep us posted, and be sure to do some reading- there’s lots of great info out there!

  31. Thank you so much - this is so kind and helpful and you really nailed how I have been feeling: "it doesn’t feel like a perfect fit, but I also don’t know what else to try to get better, since nothing else has worked." DAO is not cheap... ouch. But it's worth trying. What are some of the other HI support supplements you're taking?

  32. quercetin is supposed to be amazing for stabilizing mast cells. Much cheaper too

  33. This makes a lot of sense to me, do you have any resources/references I could dig into? Really want to make sure I educate myself before making a decision either way.

  34. The link between grain-free foods and cardiomyopathy is because grain-free foods are too high in potatoes and peas. Dogs don’t need ANY carbs; they are carnivores. Their teeth, their digestive tracts, even the lack of amylase in saliva are all adapted for eating meat. If you really feel strongly about feeding plants go ahead, but stick to fruits and vegetables. No need for grains, potatoes or legumes.

  35. If she has only eaten two species for a really long time, she is probably all full up on the nutrients they provide, and looking for some variety. Like us, they need to eat a wide range of foods to cover their nutritional bases. Try mixing things up. And maybe give fish a break for a few weeks.

  36. I may be in the minority here but I don’t think dogs need veggies or nuts to plug any gaps in their nutrition. They are designed to be carnivores who occasionally eat a few berries or fallen crabapples. My dog has eaten only meat/bone/organs (with occasional fish for omegas) for years and has stunning health.

  37. Some kind of gut dysbiosis (SIBO or otherwise) seems likely given all the antibiotics. Whether thats the root cause or not is hard to say until you start treating it. If exercise is hard for you, your adrenals may be feeling the strain after all the years of trying to calm down your histamine overloads. That’s what happened to me, I think; my initial issue was mercury toxicity which led to gut dysbiosis then histamine intolerance then adrenal fatigue… fun times. Good luck friend!

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