Man attacks skater kids 3 times before eating a board

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  1. As someone who just recently started working with elementary school children, I can't imagine the evil that has to be in someone for them to be able to look at these small, soulful faces and willingly cause them harm for no reason. It's tragic that this has happened yet again knowing that yet again nothing will be done to address it.

  2. Having worked at elementary schools and knowing a little about gunshot wounds the murder of all those 6 and 7 year olds and their teachers in Sandy Hook Elementary was horrifying. I was not surprised in the least that so many of the first responders suffer from PTSD. I really feel for them having that burned into their memories. The lack of any effective reaction to it by the American public and government was devastating to my hope for a safer country. Australia had the

  3. I don't think anyone started it. It was the inevitable result of differing social, political and economic ideologies.

  4. I think it really came down to the old fashioned great powers demanding their own spheres of influence game. The differing social, political and economic ideologies exacerbated that situation and created a larger rift between the two worlds and very much increased the tension, suspicion and fear between the east and the west. Add in the Russian thus USSR's sense that it was the rightful ruler of all the slavic peoples for even more division and trouble by making it an ethnic clash as well.

  5. It's just surprising to me, or maybe OSU was good at covering it up, but he didn't seem like a troubled guy in college. I agreed with the assessment prior to his drafting that he should have stayed an extra year, but it wasn't abnormal for someone in his situation.

  6. Singer (the sewing machine company) made 1911's - apparently actually really high quality ones.

  7. My grandmother had one of the old foot pedal powered ones and I was just a kid but remember being impressed and fascinated by it mechanically. It's have been at least 40 years old by that point and still worked of course.

  8. This type of attitude is what disincentivizes good people who are caught up in a bad system or series of bad choices from ever breaking from their ranks. Why would you risk your livelihood and the safety of your family if what you’re met with is “Fuck you, you piece of trash, it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re a monster and we will make you pay?”

  9. Judge actions not the whole person. But don't ignore a pattern of bad actions either. Like you said it's not black and white most of the time, but shades of gray which require more mental and emotional work to evaluate well.

  10. I have a friend who’s wife was in a induced coma for 8 weeks. She was in the hospital for 6 months and finally got out right before Christmas. She took her first unassisted shower, including washing her own hair last week. Her husband is still posting anitvax stuff.

  11. I suspect the fear and difficulty of his wife being so sick and on death's door induced him to be even more antivax because at vulnerable times like that we really need all the support and help we can get. The sad thing being that he feared and likely knew that most all of their support network would turn upons them in their hour of need if he changed his view. His fear of being alone and abandoned by most or all of those he felt closest to didn't serve as a wake up call to him but instead he became a more fervent supporter of all that crap.

  12. Stay away from the Moose Cavalry and the Hissing Cobra Chickens until I could safely surrender. Then open a small place serving poutine and see a doctor with the invader imposed healthcare.

  13. I really don't expect stadiums to be fancy pieces of architecture I'm there for the play on the field I'd rather go to a concrete block, if the prices were cheaper and tax money not paying for it personally. The most important thing is good views of the field as a customer.

  14. J'adore France24! (Also, our dedicated International news channel starts in fifteen minutes!)

  15. Thank you! I have a lot better luck with youtube than the v.reddit.vids for some reason. I really love the late mark Spits and the contra props so this is just heaven for me! Thanks again mate!

  16. What the heck is going on here? Eli5 plz? :)

  17. Germans on the outside Americans inside. German on gun barrel talks to the Yank driver shows or makes sure he has the gear selector or something else in the correct position.

  18. He and Ted Cruz in the US would love each other if they were human. Cruz a US Senator fucked off to Cancun Mexico with his family while half his state was without heat and power for weeks during a winter storm.

  19. All we wanted to do was skate. Didnt want any trouble, not to purposely get in anyones way.. but we still got shouted at ..for what? Having fun?

  20. Same thing I've heard from combat wounded veterans. The choice of being doped out of your mind or using illegal cannabis and being there for your family is an easy one. Cannabis really helps with pain and PTSD it's ridiculous that medicine use at least isn't universal.

  21. There's admin jobs in the military that over forty folks could do to free the young ones up for fighting but that's about it. I would say being a cook but it doesn't look like russia feeds it's soldiers anyway. Maybe truck drivers and Putin just takes the truck from the company they work for. Seems like they've lost an awful lot of trucks and drivers.

  22. I'm not sure my heart and lungs would survive getting the fitness in a time span that would be useful to Russia.

  23. There's admin jobs in the military that over forty folks could do to free the young ones up for fighting but that's about it. I would say being a cook but it doesn't look like russia feeds it's soldiers anyway.

  24. Because the census is in the constitution and required by law basically.

  25. I've met some "shall not be infringed" gun owners who would definitely pull something like this. The thought process starts and ends with "having a gun is good".

  26. Great description of the ones I've met too. Thinking isn't their strong suit. To put it mildly. Because they can't can't reason through consequences or anything complex with pros and cons their brains just stop working and they repeat over and over 2nd amendment, my cold dead hands etc. and build their identity around that to protect their ego from admitting that they just aren't very bright and can't handle any kind of complex though at all.

  27. I mean, can you really blame them? I wouldn't want to be friends with me either, I'm generally a horrible friend.

  28. The final line ended up being the limit of Chinese supply in the fact of UN interdiction. China mainly moved at night (which the UN couldn't really stop) and without a lot of heavy transport. It was quite the feat, but there was only so much it could do.

  29. Not sure if a union is the answer or the magic wand to fix it, but there has to be some middle ground. As it stands now, there shouldn't be a way I can be forced to go somewhere, in uniform, acting in my official capacity as my rank, grade, and duty position, and have none of it count towards my retirement, promotion, etc.

  30. I've met several guardsmen that have said they didn't see a single immigrant on their deployment to the border... Why are they there? 😂

  31. I only know one and he had the same experience. He's Spanish English bilingual so you'd think they could've found something useful for him to do if that were the true intent of the deployment.

  32. I think I did a Veteran's Day thing once. I honestly don't care. I get mildly irritated by "Thank you for your service." Wanna thank me? Vote for veteran's benefits and legalized pot for traumatized and injured vets.

  33. Same thing I hear from veterans I know. I was always for legalized weed and read some stories about medical benefits of it a bit skeptically at first. Some people were acting like it's a cure all and over the top. But I've first hand seen how much it helps people with PTSD and pain from war wounds. Lasting effects from IEDs, broken bones and shrapnel migrating about type of things. Often it's either live with unbearable pain or be too doped up to do anything and be there for your family. Or marijuana, even if it is illegal here, where you can live your life.

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