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  1. They’re on audible last time I checked

  2. Nicks my favourite but the CON series was so ridiculously rushed at the end

  3. Nick wouldn’t age. He’s an imortal demon with god knows how many… gods in his bloodline. If his powers didn’t awaken I think he’d age like a human personally

  4. I thought Kessar was that catholic priest who has shown up a couple of times. Savitar didn’t seem to care for Nick when they spoke, even though he’s implied to be monikribos reborn

  5. This is everyone when they meet shiwoon for the first time lol

  6. Just waiting for the standard “This guy is crazy” reaction when Shioon gets serious

  7. Sold. I’ll just put the one reply because you’ve all given really good selling points, the boots on the ground soldier aspects were always my favourite in Malazan even with the gods and ascendants because I enjoyed the scrappiness and resilience of the characters who were just pushing on even whilst the bigger game which they had varying levels of impact on happened around them, often being manipulated by higher beings. I also am interested with people saying Abercrombie is really good with characters as it’s probably my favourite thing in Malazan and people say it’s not Ericksons strongpoint and Abercrombie is a master at it, I think Erickson is a master a world building so I think it would be interesting to see the character side of great writing as I build a better context of fantasy as a genre.

  8. I was late to this party and I’ve never regretted it. Glokta is legitimately one of the morbidly funniest characters I’ve ever read

  9. Damn that’s her name, cheers, couldn’t be bothered searching

  10. God damn internet connection, cheers, 🤦‍♂️

  11. I like the greens because I find them interesting. It’s fun to watch their family dynamic and how they interact with other greens. There is friction, jockeying and competition amongst them. But if you want other characters I enjoy: Alicent, Otto, Larys McFeet, Aegon, Helena are fun too

  12. Don't make direct eye contact, do stuff with the kettle a lot. After a few months, start complaining about the weather every now and then. Be patient.

  13. How’s the leg has to be the funniest closing line I’ve read. I’m glad he got one last jab in before he went out

  14. That was a great scene to be fair

  15. They need to hire Irish, cos who else are they gonna call Micks?

  16. Kizaru sees sentomaru and is convinced the straw hats did it to him.

  17. I think he’s a clumsy ham fisted attempt to get readers acclimated to season 3 without having to read season 1 &2.

  18. Can you not have bad experience abroad in the Middle East or Africa?

  19. Did that change since I played? It was above the shoulders is called. I’ve also pulled a player down by his ponytail and it was called legal.

  20. Is that the version you play at school? Coz it’s different rules there 🤕

  21. This is one occasion I want to emulate the french and go full anti establishment

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