1. I had a sensible chuckle at this.

  2. I know times have changed a lot but i recall when the reigon was just releasing/released and everyone complained how easy it was to level asol etc. How useless zoe would be/is. Great healing the region has. And hush was legit really good/broken card for a short moment lol.

  3. There was a time when people complained that Ionia sucked, and look at things now. There will no doubt come a day when people complain about how OP Targon is. Such is the way of things.

  4. Y'all are seriously underestimating the potential power level of Origins with passive abilities. More of them going forward are going to be kind of plain than, and that's okay.

  5. My thoughts exactly. This one has got big Cam energy.

  6. Really hoping this one's a cycle!

  7. I'm very much aware that sticks are suboptimal, but I legitimately have trouble keeping my hands steady enough to aim well with motion, so it's sticks or nothing for me.

  8. Most people who knee-jerk hate pineapple on pizza have never had good pineapple pizza. (The pineapple needs to be cut small so that it doesn't just fill your mouth with pineapple juice and overpower every other flavor.)

  9. Rotation is inevitable in any TCG that goes on for long enough. No matter how many cards they introduce into the pool, good cards are always going to be good. Rotations shake up the meta in a way that balance changes can't.

  10. They weren't wrong, though. Healing from every death trigger makes combat math needlessly complicated. Kayn's behavior is a lot easier to predict.

  11. In OP's defense, a lot of people play with sound off, myself included. (I like to listen to podcasts while I play.)

  12. Unrelated question but how do manage to listen to a podcast while playing? I allways need near-silence to properly focus lol. Do you perhaps play largely the more "casual" gamemodes? No offence, just curious :)

  13. Because I'm so familiar with LoR - I don't really need to read most cards, I just know what they do at a glance - and because I can play it with just my mouse, I don't need to use all of my brain's processing power to play it.

  14. The Splatoon community is exceptional with their memes.

  15. I'm new here and quickly discovering that to be the case.

  16. I think a lot of people are underestimating the power of passive abilities. An effect that doesn't cost a card - even a very minor one - can potentially add up to a lot of advantage. I don't blame the dev team for being stingy with origin passives.

  17. Something something the exception that proves the rule. Personally I feel with booster fun and secret lairs wizards has been giving people a ton of less conventional art pieces of late so I think everyone should be happy. It is neat when it ends up on a normal card though.

  18. There is literally nothing WotC could possibly do that will make ALL of their players happy. People on the internet are always going to find something to complain about.

  19. They've been in several posts, they were just downvoted as usual. This isn't a Barrinmw specific spoiler though, this is the subreddit spoiler, barrin is a mod here

  20. TIL the modern review guy is a mod. Good for them!

  21. Easy include for my Card Names You Can't Say Ten Times Fast cube.

  22. That cube sounds awesome. Is it real? It should be.

  23. I made it up just now, sorry. 😉

  24. I sent this to my alto wife and she laughed so hard she almost snorted.

  25. They're a bit less ridiculous, but still ridiculous imo

  26. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

  27. As a filthy netdecker, I always look forward to these posts. Keep up the good work!

  28. Magic: The Gathering has the exact same problem. They have (had?) a

  29. Honestly, it's kind of hard to see every angle on a thing when you know it so intimately. People who aren't as familiar as you are will find angles you could never have anticipated.

  30. Its the same reason why when I couldn't find my cat, I asked my friend to come help look for her. I'd been looking for so long that I'd already looked everywhere I was going to think of and any further searches would have been looking at the same spots that she wasn't in last time.

  31. That was eloquently put, thank you.

  32. The kindest thing I can say about it is that it's not the worst thing you can get as a random six-cost spell.

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