1. So if I kill someone ONCE im a murderer?!?

  2. I’d like kiriko but it’ll be Ana Or aomething

  3. Fucking burger kuck 😂

  4. “Joke’s on you! I can’t read!”

  5. Our spider ancestors would be proud

  6. I remember finding it and I was very intrigued, too bad there’s only this one

  7. “Tell you sumthing that you might like to hear”

  8. “It’s free real estate” everyone boos

  9. P V Z is an experience everyone should try at least once

  10. Intro of, ‘Meet the ___’ begins

  11. "Hello. it's me the space pope, yes, I am still rich... and hot"

  12. Of course my child, let me show you

  13. Links to the streaming platforms:

  14. Le ImAboutToPummleYouIntoLastCenturyAsNothingButRedMistSoICanDesecrateYourPrehistoricGraveYouPrick has arrived

  15. It needs to get smaller, Twitch Chat Invades Elements, Doug begins with oxygen, and Twitch Chat has bismuth

  16. Come on, all you gotta do is pull yourself up…. by your… uhh… bootstraps


  18. If it lasts for more than 4 hours call your doctor

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