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  1. Maybe tell me where i disproved my own "claim"?

  2. That pb. Not people that actually play past that. I think 6k is usually the end goal for most since ktmm goes out the window. I tried to push to 6300 from 6000 last season and majority of my opponents were level 14. Pb? Yeah people can hit 6k easily as matchmaking is usually +-1

  3. He could just shift his weight on the bike to steer it.

  4. Remember that part in clash Royale where cannon cart shot like 8 mega knights and they all died instantly

  5. Think that was a private server called master royale. That blew up on youtube and was accompanied with the start of

  6. Mhh... Not everyone. I've seen LOTS of games where players had this opportunity but didn't do anything

  7. Situational and depends what im playing as well as how much im up / down

  8. omnipotency creates countless paradoxes. it can't create a rock so heavy that even it can't lift. And if he can, then it can't lift said rock. either way, it ends up being not omnipotent.

  9. Or creating the world in like a week or something. Why not faster? Why did he need to take a day off?

  10. Isnt Apple the company that got sued for purposely slowing their devices with updates to make people buy new ones?

  11. It was to make older device's batteries last since they degrade over time. Im pretty sure theres a setting to turn that off though

  12. It has more offensive value depending on what you’re playing against. It can stop a mini pekka from hitting a hogrider before it gets a few hits on tower, when it would have only got one before. Same with pekka but less overall tower hits, as well as stopping bowler from pushing hogrider, or knocking prince back, and many other troops snowball doesn’t slow. I’ve said in my other messages that it’s the stun from the knockback itself that is the most valuable part, and with a 33% nerf it wouldn’t break too many interactions. The objective of nerfing log is to break some interactions favorable to the log so that it’s not as versatile

  13. It should be strong at what it does, but currently, it’s too strong at too many things. Ik that log is only slightly “OP” but it’s a lot of people who’ve heard it’s the best 2 elixir damage spell so they use it, so it drives usage rates up. I think we need an alternative to it really.

  14. The only benefit for using alchemist over rage is that he can also counter swarms, but other than that he costs 1 elixir, his buff is way weaker and he can only buff 1 ebarb at a time.

  15. Ok what details did i miss? All i heard was that we got a new PM

  16. I have once on my main bc we only had an hour left on war timer and no one told me i was in that day😅 secured the 3☆ with less then 5 min left and we won by just 1☆

  17. Yeah. No wonder they got nailed and this dude is flexin 🤭

  18. They only have 2 14s smh. Clan is using th10s

  19. Is their logic skinnier people eat less? So they can change a discount for them?

  20. Warden goes big brain and turn as stone to evade head hunters

  21. Gets targeted by royal champion

  22. In my opinion this is exactly why I dont like these challenges (def when giving away prices).

  23. Wait there are prizes for this shit?

  24. This one is a statue and engraved iPad. The sneaky goblin winner gets 2 flights and hotel to world finals in Finland, they all have awesome prizes to be raffled off.

  25. If he is playing Pekka bait with Egiants then the lvl 14 e giant is the original since that is what OP place his pekka near, then he used mirror to summon one closer to the tower on the other lane

  26. Probably 12 since its further back

  27. If its immune to spell damage, thats going to promote defensive gameplay

  28. It would be a bit more exicting though since gems are a huge deal and it makes boxes less lame when all you see usually is coins and power points. If they reworked the drop rate to roughly match the amount we get now, that could increase playtime from people actually wanting to farm tokens for boxes

  29. They were in foster care for a month, even though her grandparents were willing and able to watch them. The delay was due to clearing a background check, even though my father in law was a retired FBI agent. They told us we were "lucky" our children were able to stay in the same household together. I hate CPS, I have many more stories. What got me in trouble was when I secretly videoed her smacking my son while helping him with homework. I had no clue she was doing that, immediately turned in the video, and they said, "Instead of videoing, you should've helped them!"

  30. Oh but when you help them and make a claim, you have no evidence and they can't be help accountable for it. Such a fair system

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