1. so you're telling me that the levelup 737ng has bad physics model? I thought it was just a modification of the zibo mod?

  2. ok but have you seen the hilariously short stopping distance on the pmdg 737?

  3. Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing!

  4. i think that aircraft along with some passenger's neck might have been damaged

  5. Not realistic, where are the screaming passengers?

  6. Yes, yoke + throttle quadrant is a lot easier than mouse + keyboard. Flight sims are usually designed to be flown with a yoke / sidestick.

  7. add some soda and roll it into a ball, after that drop it into water and watch the magic happen

  8. which game? you did not put it in the flare

  9. oh that's less surprising, fs2020 have infamous crashing issues

  10. someone please end that kid's suffering

  11. disgusting, terrible memories. most of the time people voted this map i would just join a new server and hope they don't vote this again

  12. X-Plane is for realistic physics, MSFS2020 is for sightseeing flights, I use both.

  13. it's this a scenery add-on? if that's the case where can i get it?

  14. he seriously needs help, and there are professional help out there for drug addicts. Idk how it is in your country but i hope he can seek professional help. Worst case scenario, break up with him. Drugs fuck up your ability to control yourself, and you should not live with a potentially abusive and mentally unstable boyfriend.

  15. i dont think these scammers accept refunds...

  16. default msfs ATC doesn't care which aircraft you're flying, use VATSIM if you don't mind using your real name

  17. yes but learn to screen record with OBS first. Come on, your computer isn't that bad

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