1. “Prices are increasing partially due to an increase of circulated money! Quick! Circulate some money!”

  2. The state of Michigan can't print money so doing this so would not increase circulation of currency.

  3. Morons. Printing and giving everyone “free” money is how inflation got this bad to begin with.

  4. I'm not sure the state of Michigan has the ability to print their own currency.

  5. It's happened at least twice in the NFL, never heard of it happening in any other sport but sure maybe I'm wrong.

  6. The was a Cornell lacrosse player who died when a ball hit him in the chest

  7. He just needs 2k more yards. 27 is not old. He can still be a rb2 or 3. 2k yards is just 5 seasons of 400 rushing yards average. Or 4 seasons of 500.

  8. TCU QB Grayson Muehlstein, 7/20 for 27 yard and 4 picks. Cheeze-it bowl champ.

  9. This seems like it's published as scaremongering, asbestos has never been an issue in the past underwater. I actually suspect an astroturfing or bad-faith campaign here, there's plenty of egregious environmental damage being done throughout the world without having to make up problems.

  10. I'm thinking back to the 1,000s of ships packed with asbestos sunk during ww1 and ww2

  11. Bobby. Only because Mihn shoots skeet. Bobby is otherwise versatile and I'd like to assume him and Hank return each year to compete.

  12. Mihn shows up to 9 Rivers with a handgun to shoot skeet. I'm guessing she is a crack shot

  13. I am fine with eliminating dangerous ways of tackling, but they need to call all offensive penalties appropriately too. A lot of offense (48-45, 41-38) isn’t all that fun because you automatically expect both teams to score every time they have the ball. It takes a lot of the tension out of it. There’s a reason why the best SBs of all time are in the 20-30 point range for both teams.

  14. I think the NFL should repeal the Ty law rule. Give corners the ability to get physical with the receivers again.

  15. At what point will we have to start adding asterisks to this generation's QB records due to all these rules favoring them lol

  16. I'd rather they just call the play dead when a defender wraps up the ball carrier. No more broken tackles. No more passes while going down by a QB. No more flags unless it's blatant and obvious. No more refball.

  17. Can't you just start at 700 and distribute 300 elo points evenly to all players? So the average stays the same but new players have an easier start. Would lead to a bell curve with maximum at 1000 and a small bump at 700.

  18. I don't understand what you mean. Can you elaborate? I know games that do what I proposed leading to the outcome I described. It's not the gaussian distribution, but it's still roughly a bell just with a small "bump" on the falling flank.

  19. Elo rating do not measure an individual player's skill. Elo rating measure player skill compared to the other players. To do that you need data.

  20. Nobody wants to accept it because nobody wants to accept that sometimes you have to bend the rules to re-establish order via a monopoly of violence.

  21. Generally once a government suspends rights, they don't give them back. Maybe this will be one of the rare cases, but only time will tell. There are really not any good solutions.

  22. It’s a war crime, don’t do it. Only military buildings should be destroyed. 🫡

  23. This. Early Hc with siege is great powerspike but in late game there is nothing special about turk HC. Hp bonus is nice but not so impressive in comparasion what bonuses other civs get in higher tier

  24. Hand cannons take 34 seconds to train, so the Turk gunpower creation helps get them on the field too. Numbers matter.

  25. There was a whole study on what gun laws actually work. And what works specifically for the US. We should be taking notes from the Swiss. They also have a heavily armed population but don't suffer the same issues we have. There are arguably a lot of factors at play here. I'm not immediately finding the original study this article no doubt draws from. But here is a brief synopsis.

  26. I wouldn't use a Top Gear episode as scientific proof. A lot of that stuff is scripted.

  27. There is a reason warlord power is measured by the number of Toyota technicals they have. The vehicles are mechanically near bulletproof.

  28. My friend was laid off in november and have been going on trip after trip and putting it on his credit card. Can’t imagine he’s an outlier here.

  29. Genuinely asking why all the Chris Kyle hate? Idk much about him, aside from hearing that most of his stories were embellished

  30. Dude bragged about shooting hurricane Katrina survivors from the Superdome. The guy is a serial liar who fantasized about shooting his own countrymen.

  31. Only a matter of time before Boxer is hauled away to the glue factory so the farmers can get some more lavish food and wine to enjoy around the fountain.

  32. Drew Bledsoe would be remembered as a good QB and not the loser who got alpha dogged by Tom Brady.

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