Policing in America: A legally blind man was walking back from jury duty when Columbia County Florida Sheriffs wrongfully mistook his walking stick for a weapon. When he insisted he would file a complaint the officers decided to arrest him in retaliation.

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  1. Checking account with extra steps

  2. So glad the movie is doing well. The sexists and the the racists were hating on it before it even came out.

  3. Were they really, or was it a far left dog whistle using the movie's creation as an opportunity to virtue signal over a manufactured grievance?

  4. Starting a new fad. The popcorn and whey protein diet.

  5. what do you guys actually think happened to Kennedy

  6. I think it's kinda funny that his brothers first thought was to ask the CIA if they had something to do with it, like it was common knowledge they had it out for Kennedy.

  7. AMC is headed for bankruptcy,sell now, save yourselves, squeeze was in 2021, it's over.

  8. Natural predators of tortoise eggs are black or brown in color. Snakes, Ravens, Crows etc. Hence the reaction. It is just instinct kicking in.

  9. Just like the Minneapolis police dept

  10. Is this the same Virgin Islands that fired the DA who tried to subpoena JP Morgan for involvement with Epstein?

  11. In Norm Macdonald voice "Maybe they should try checking in his giant child rape mansion."

  12. He’s probably goading some rube somewhere into entrapment. The guy was on the FBI most wanted list until the dust up on J6 and now he’s back to same ole same ole. And he’s off the most wanted list. Wasn’t even arrested.

  13. Feds foil another plan drummed up by feds.

  14. A big ol Idaho spud with the roots hanging out.

  15. Yeah san tan tactical ambi. My GF shoots right-handed but writes lefty, so it seemed like a good idea. Got the stripped receiver set for 400. They go together very tight, no slop at all.

  16. I personally don’t like it. But the question is…do you? If you do fuck these elitists…you wear your dress and shoot your turquoise lady gun and you enjoy it.

  17. It's for my chic soooo yeah. I guess if you don't explain things thoroughly, the knuckle draggers get cunfoost

  18. Ima get a pink one and call it the new stank pool

  19. kinda fucked me up. Liam Neeson plays a badguy...or does he?

  20. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  21. Trump has very plainly expressed his will to end that war and also is the guy who sent a picture of the taliban leaders' house to the taliban leader. So yeah the reporter was absolutely correct. The person being interviewed was objectively incorrect and just pushing a narrative to blindly support Biden.

  22. Yeah. If made right, it's tender and flavourful. Cook it wrong, and it's beef flavors chewing gum.

  23. I use the crock pot, works like a charm.

  24. My boat. Cost me 17k about three years ago and I've taken on the water maybe 10 times.

  25. Is there a weight don't tell me, I would rather maintain hope I'll be able to use one at some point

  26. Pocket pussy, especially after hearing about four marines who all caught the clap from sharing one on deployment.

  27. Ha I've never seen the squiggly thing go that way, this is obviously flipped.

  28. Everyone who woke up at 3am in the morning to sell, please speak up.

  29. Mayo causes insomnia, so they pro a ly just stayed up till 3am

  30. Errrrhm, I know a drive by when I see it.

  31. Sooo she got week suspension no pay, he got demoted and suspension no pay. As of Nov 22 there is a lawsuit being filed. Charges have been dropped.

  32. What are your thoughts on Gary Coridori's plane and the Franklin scandal. You know the CIA would be resident experts in our Govt at clandestine murder, coercing persons in charge, and making victims look culpable. They keep using the tactics of operation Phoenix in Vietnam. Would it be so surprising if they keep on using the same playbook to assert dominance over our elected officials in order to control the direction of our country from behind the scenes? These are individuals who have made careers out of doing horrible things to people all over the world in order to achieve objectives that are set by them with the only oversight coming from officials who are most likely compromised. They have no term limits and have unlimited resources from all over the globe. The Weiner, Epstien, and even the Pizzagate thing are just an echoes of the aforementioned scandal.

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