1. Robert Moses is laughing in his grave over this bit of "planning." Atrocity of the commons. Parking, dinning, storefronts, walking, relieving traffic (both bike and car) from the Williamsburg Bridge/Delancey, garbage removal, etc, aren't compatible here. Congratulations that you're moving from this 24/7 hellscape. I walk down Pitt humming Diamond Dogs to bypass it.

  2. Check out oleoylethanolamide. I experience an appetite decrease, mild but useful, IME. Not a stimulant, it’s a PPAR agonist. has had it, I hope ND will at some point.

  3. You can still get ephedrine over the counter at the pharmacy. I think it’s called Bronkaid. You do have to ask the pharmacist but you don’t need an Rx. It was pretty effective for me previously but I don’t want to be dependent on a stimulant for weight loss.

  4. Bronkaid or Primatene. My memory was that Bronkaid made me feel icky, while Primatene did not. As said (unless the regs have changed in the last coupe of years) it's behind the counter and the number of boxes you can buy at one time is limited. This was part of the Combatting Meth Act from the early 2000's, which of course only led to smurfing.

  5. Listen to the Knowledge Fight investigation of Alex’s Sandy Hook coverage/depositions if you want to see the kind of person Alex really is. He knew the crisis actor conspiracy was total bullshit, and he knew it was driving his listeners to stalk/threaten the families of the victims, but he still continued to push the theory on his show because it was getting Infowars attention. Fuck Alex and fuck Greenwald for whitewashing what that sociopath did.

  6. They both have children. Their lack of empathy is beyond astounding. First to generate the increase in suffering of those parents, then to abet and trivialize it... broken narcissists. But since I'm not blue checked, I will never know what true suffering is.

  7. Drier than Ben Shapiro's wife. Speaking of which, I think these two need a room. "I see that lying liars make you act very naughty."

  8. This was previously posted about a month ago. As mentioned there, with a significant dose, you might have trouble getting out of bed. For me, it takes several hours for it to have any noticeable effect, so I take it mid afternoon. Judging by my Garmin watch and morning HRV, my sleep has improved at 1g dose. 2g at bedtime did not override my circadian cycle but left me dazed and wondering when the fog would clear.

  9. So are you also using Huberman's sleep cocktail?

  10. Nope. It looks fairly SOP to me. I do take my magnesium at night, but immediately before bed, usually as glycinate. As I said, myo-inositol seems to take hours. I need to get it in well before I eat.

  11. FDA seems to have jumped on it or something no one really knows

  12. Obviously the vendors know, but they're not talking about it. A couple of years ago, China made a lot of stuff illegal to synthesize, but there's still India. The FDA has taken particular interest in phenibut. Racetams no longer work with the ND business model. There are possibilities with ceretropic doing things b2b, but there was a crack down on that too.

  13. Why is it so hard for us to find out though? Wouldn't there be documents online citing said laws, even if only in Chinese? I've heard all sorts of theories but nobody has shown any hard evidence

  14. I dug up the list I had, but looking at it now, it's largely the WADA list, so phenylpiracetam and adrafinil are there, but I don't see anything else.

  15. Having read Chafkin's book, "enigma" got me to click over immediately. Also, having read Chafkin's book, I'd say skip it and read this Ganz post twice.

  16. I don't think anyone here actually knows what the best diet is even presuming that there's one diet to rule us all, but we can all probably agree on what the best troll would be for this subreddit.

  17. The real troll here is OP because moderating this dumpster fire of a thread is a nightmare.

  18. If you're carnivore, cook the king troll in the dumpster fire. Raw food, stay away.

  19. When I was riding my kids around on a cargo bike, I had a helmet mirror in order to monitor what they were doing right behind my head, otherwise, I use my neck. FWIW, my experience passing people with mirrors is that they're never using them. If I see a mirror, I give the rider more consideration.

  20. Exercise intensity distribution is actually quite contentious. Burnley and Seiler went at recently in the Eur Jr of Ex Phys. F'ing Coggan as well. Contentious, to say the least. Further, that poor mito function is found in the decrepit doesn't mean z2 does squat. Back to telomeres. Correspondence is not causation, and even if causative, might not be actionable. So I actually think it's complex. And like athletics, primarily, it's choosing your parents wisely.

  21. Contentious at what level? I agree (to the extent I know about these disagreements and the other stuff you've said) but it's like saying there's extensive disagreement about to go fast in the Grand Prix - like sure, there are very technical points where people depart about what is best, but it's not like there's a disagreement that exercise is beneficial, any is better than none, cardio is for cardiovascular health, weights help with bone strength and basic movement patterns, etc. And yes, of course, it is complex, the mechanisms are incredibly complex, but that doesn't mean the actionable recommendations necessarily need to be.

  22. Without time machines and Mengeles, it's hard. Unless you're willing to extrapolate from mice. Mice don't do intervals, mice don't play bridge. People can't even agree on the caloric value of macronutrients in vivo. After you're past "move, socialize, don't eat to much, especially processed foods," it's a steep ramp. If we're simply talking harm reduction, the answer is easy, the action is hard. Attia is libertarian, not a utilitarian, which is my problem with him.

  23. That's what we though at the start of yesterday's stage as well.

  24. I didn't think that yesterday. UAE was down to three helpers the day before, they were riding for kilometers not even being able to reach into their feedbags. Forget doping, it was just the calories. If I saw it, Jumbo saw it, and they responded as I expected.

  25. Rule 3. I know: you're not accusing. But by saying "forget it" it's still bring up the subject. Please respect the rule.

  26. Intellectually, I think "slippery slope" and "moral hazard" arguments are weak, but observationally, abuses of power only lead to further entitlement and an increasing us-vs-them mentality among police, presumably as a form of both tribalism and dissonance reduction.

  27. First, this should likely go to supplements or physiology subreddits. Second, if you're sweating, it's because you're too hot (unless you suffer from a pathological condition). It seems counterproductive to reduce the sweating. First comes heat stroke, then death. You can seek a lower ambient temperature or sports that have you move through the air. Lowering your basal metabolic rate will do it, but that doesn't seem to be your goal. If you wish to improve hydration status, glycerol helps. Light colored clothes. Reduce BMI to dissipate heat better. Training that improves stamina will generally increase the efficiency of work done such that less waste heat is produced by the mitochondria, but that takes time, like reducing BMI and esp subcutaneous fat.

  28. After 8 weeks at 8mg, the notable effect was the extremely painful mouth ulcers. I want to believe the studies, but I sincerely think that if you forced the mice to do a well constructed interval program, that would clear out senescent cells just as effectively. N=1, adding rapa on top of good training doesn't do anything. There's only so much water you can wring out of a wash cloth.

  29. "Next, participants completed two stressors, which consisted of 2 minutes of baseline, a 2-minute exercise or mental stressor, and a 2-minute recovery period. Each stressor was performed in a random order and separated by a 15-minute rest period." ??? This is an amazingly complete study of study-design and equipment, but the intervention is both minimally acute and underspecified. Go back to the Leuven study (Poffé, Hespel) to see what ketone esters do in relation to chronic stressors.

  30. I haven't read through carefully this year, but there's adrafinil and phenylpiracetam, which are no longer for sale. Beta-ecdysterone on watch list. Phenibut was surprisingly not a concern, considering beta blockers are. No longer for sale. I don't know if CBD has any potential cross over with THC. The biggest concern is that their lab protocols prevent any cross contamination with their b2b Ceretropic products. Relative to the overall lack of accountability in the industry, I'd rate that fairly low.

  31. She's clearly got killer obliques. What's wrong with that?

  32. Nothing, but the ding in the upper rectus makes it look like she's sucking it in, moreover, it catches the eye when you'd rather be looking somewhere else. If I were working on the shot, I'd darken toward the bottom and keep more attention on her face rather than overstate the case. But the people I work on aren't in People Magazine, so, horses for courses.

  33. Improving aging celebrities is what I get paid to do. Elbows, around the eyes, jawline, underside of leg going up to buttock, and whatever misc bits needed to be addressed. Overall, it's tasteful. The hardest part for me is balancing hands, knees, and face to the rest of the body tone, which usually governs when there's lots of skin. I'd be tempted to fix the dent in the rectus abdominis.

  34. I have no lactate data on this, but my rule of thumb has been (adjusting for OA fatigue, etc) is to split the difference. The extra work you're doing to cool off is extra work, but much of that extra work is just moving blood to areas away from working muscles for the purpose of dissipation. The workload is disproportionately on the heart, which is burning fat, lactate, and ketones preferentially anyway (unless you're doping with meldonium et al. which shift to CHO), so while there has to be an effect in the major working muscles, it's less than the what the rise in HR would indicate in terms of substate use distribution. FWIW, from a performance perspective, conventional wisdom is that the acute heat training is a great way to increase fitness in the few weeks prior to key events, and heat acclimatization is something you don't want to lose, but chronic fatiguing training in heat (like chronic training at altitude) is perfect way to develop overtraining syndrome.

  35. He already endorsed the DeSantis-Gabbard ticket back in November (ep 1740 with Jocko, about 35 minutes in)

  36. Gen X, thank you, we mosasaurs have begun replacing the pliosaurs.

  37. Then eat stearic acid and train long and slow. PA's regime of 3 or 4 z2 and one z5 per week is likely good for longevity. "Improved mitochondrial function" has become a buzz phrase which replaces any thinking, like all that hand wavy crap that Sinclair does. The function in this case is fat oxidation, which requires O2. Functionality is inferred from O2 to CO2 ratios. Having larger and more numerous mitochondria in healthier older individuals might be like seeing fight fighters around fires,: in spite of or because of?

  38. Also, I answered your Q: exercise above the moderate domain is not regarded to primarily change mitochondria morphology

  39. "Power, Sex, Suicide" is a great audiobook to listen to while doing z2, as well as Sam Apple's book on Warburg.

  40. He was more guru-like back when he was into high fat diets. As a practicing doctor, he does a lot better in this arena than say Rhonda Patrick or Andrew Hubermam in that he's witnessing his mistakes and adjusting course after seeing how his patients are doing. I also see him as reading papers far more carefully than Patrick or Huberman or anyone else doing this, except when regards his friends, like Matt Walker. I do see him as another TED talker engaged in the heavy duty log rolling which comes with that. He's also an IDW fellow traveler, as a for instance, he tried to get a Texas license plate baring "UNWOKE." He deleted his tweet whining about being denied. Also retweets Bari Weiss. I think he connected Jocko to Rogan. The one JRE I saw him on was years ago and mostly content free. His ill considered libertarian politics lack any empathy. He would have to be taken down at the level of the science, which shows you the problem. Go after David Sinclair first, who's getting into this space while LARPing as a scientist but covertly pushing product he's got stakes in. Matt Walker, too. The whole TED space and it's intersection with McKinsey. Admittedly, when I criticize him over in his subreddit, I get downvoted, so there's that. Personally, he seems to take criticism of his advice/science pretty well, it's the criticism of his politics that he loses his shit about.

  41. I have a theory that is if you're already healthy and you already take care of yourself then the effect seems to be nonexistent. The people that rant and rave about NR seem to be people in poor health. Sedentary, obese, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc.

  42. Agreed, you have to suppose there's a ceiling. The only effect I noticed with NR/NMN was a change in my bank balance. I train ~12 hours a week which is likely accomplishing the same.

  43. Whatever that suit cost him, it's nothing compared to Ganna having the team car stacked with bikes pushing him along. WvA was always followed by a camera bike. You could see how unhappy Ganna was in post race interview, he knew if it were even he'd have lost.

  44. He didn't have a camerabike until midway.

  45. I could be wrong, but I started thinking about this right after time check 1, about a 1/3 of the way through, does anyone have the actual time he got pushed off of his car? I can't even remember seeing his car from the front. Ganna's was loaded, maybe eight bikes.

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