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  1. This is why I have existential dread and my GF and I don't want kids :turbolol:

  2. The company I work for drops your insurance the day your let go out quit. But they literally own the insurance company.

  3. If you live in a non-shitty state that has expanded Medicaid, being kicked from your employer's sponsored plan counts as a major event that allows you to sign up for Medicaid, which if you're making $0 right then and there, is 100% free, AND is retroactively applied to the day you were fired.

  4. I'm following the live map for the Canaanite-Omani Special Transitionary Corrective Operation (COSTCO), I hope the Central Army of the Rebellion in Transjordan (CART) gets pushed out of the Liberated Omani Territory (LOT), otherwise the CART might push through and ding the Victory And Nation brigade (VAN) or even the Central Amman Region (CAR)

  5. Jokes on us when they all get in cahoots to do this shit. Then what will we do? Rely on the ultra badass public transit the United States is known for? As it is, work from home for the people that were fortunate to do so is ending. A lot of jobs simply cannot be done remotely either. All of this is by design to get people on the roads. It just churns money which is the ultimate goal. All the stupid ass commutes, picking up dry cleaning, buying lunches, getting into accidents, making insurance companies, hospitals, and attorneys money is quite simply pointless, but everyone has to eat. So get back in that office, continue to deteriorate your health, continue to spend spend spend, and be the good cog you are.

  6. A Mercedes is a bad commuting vehicle regardless. If you absolutely have to be in a car, get a Buick from 10 or 20 years ago or some similar beater, and enjoy the low insurance cost and decent maintenance cost. If you live somewhere somewhat warm, and your job is less than 20 miles away and can be driven to on side-streets, just get a moped! Almost all the benefits of a car and bicycle combined. I've been car-free and moped-only in a northern US suburban area and I'm never looking back

  7. Anecdotally, I've heard that QC issues were way higher for chinese scooters pre 2012 or so. Personally I wouldn't trust it and would expect to have to buy a new amazon 157QMJ engine for about $300. That being said, if you do buy a new engine, you can expect for it to go up to 50,000 miles + with good maintenance

  8. It’s busier when it’s raining = more money

  9. Seriously, I'd go up from $23 an hour to around $30 an hour as soon as the rain started coming down. Everyone would also slow way down on the roads, leading to massive backlogs that my competition would get stuck in while I'd lane-filter my way to the customer and get there in record time

  10. Doesn't everyone have 100% after yearly out-of-pocket maximum met anyways?

  11. Good on you. Keep up the lane filtering and normalize it all as much as possible. Love the scooter in the rain too. 👍

  12. Thank you! The comment means a lot :) appreciate it bro

  13. We've had three quakes in the past week off the Oregon coast. Stay ready, everyone.

  14. Just noticed there was a 5.4 off the coast of Oregon 13 hours ago... Hopefully nothing happens

  15. What does "doesn't turn on" mean? What happens when you hit the electric start? Have you tried the kickstart?

  16. How would they deliver their nuclear payloads? How many nukes did they accumulate by 1943? Why did half the world disappear?

  17. Have they ever successfully fixed border gore in any of their games?

  18. In Eu3 in nomine 3.0, there was some border gore, someone worked on the AI in general and In Nomine patch 3.2 came out and the AI was VASTLY improved. Border gore was way down.

  19. Vic3 is setting itself up to have even worse bordergore than EU3: Divine Wind, which up until now was definitely the no. 1 title-holder.

  20. Probably means that they might be born (or their parents were born) in neighboring African countries like Botswana, Mozambique, Angola, etc, and came to South Africa for work and economic opportunities

  21. Also probably an extremely aggressively policed border and deportation policies to keep everyone around out 😬

  22. I would also cover your bike if locked on a bike rack .. so your plate/VIN# is not showing .. I live in nyc .that's how I avoid parking tickets in nyc. Bike racks . I have a genuine buddy 125

  23. So if parking enforcement finds a tarped (covered) scooter parked "illegally", they won't do anything, like try looking under the tarp or whatever?

  24. I love how we have to play middlemen and try to convince two large corporations to try and reprocess a claim or resubmit a claim. Why is the patient forced to untangle the bureaucratic mess that these two entities created? Actual working agents should be the ones untangling this, not the patient lmfao

  25. seriously though, what was it? it seems to be scrubbed from the internet (like most entries on the iceberg)

  26. I remember watching the shop mechanic applying some kind of silicone-like cream over the gasket while they were rebuilding someone else's engine, maybe that's what you need...

  27. You need to coat the entire gasket in copper-based lube, that's what I've been told.

  28. The island of Hawaii, America's Hainan and best kept secret!

  29. I would assume that the Republic of America is on their way to embracing a Cuban identity akin to how the ROC is currently embracing a Taiwanese identity, while trying to avoid a war with the People's Republic of America since the current ruling party is the DPP.

  30. Hence why literally every one of their government members is cuban Latino

  31. Why would the borders still follow the old coastline?

  32. Because that way the creator didn't have to put any thoughts towards borders and could quickly wrap it up and publish it

  33. And even other Protestants, even those evangelicals (e.g. the Baptist rebels mentioned in the book), were horrified at Gilead.

  34. In reality, the politicized pseudo-revivalism that stems from evangelical baptists of the current south would be the best candidate for the genesis of the radicalist Gilead ideology. I bet if the united states' became a Christian Nationalist regime IRL, the highly Republican southern baptists would form the core support base.

  35. No, the knowledge of how to make a nuclear bomb exists, but it is completely forbidden to make one. If a country manages to build a nuclear bomb, the United Nations can legally invade it militarily and dismantle the bomb.

  36. That's pretty interesting, I think that in reality most governments would all understand how useful the bomb would be to prevent their nations from ever facing the threat of invasion with MAD and whatnot. Therefore, most powerful governments would illicitly develop nuclear weapons regardless and only small ones would get shafted

  37. This is the third post about this exact situation lol

  38. I fully occupied all of Bahrain last night in a day. They took 6 months to surrender because of their gold reserves. Who am I negotiating with? A government-in-exile somewhere?

  39. "come on sheikh, please just let us go home. We occupy the entire island and your royal palace is destroyed. We just want you to become a puppet and we'll go home"

  40. What do you even want people to theorize about in here? There's been so many coups in Mauritania with little to no actual repercussions either internationally or domestically. I'll have some fun with this instead.

  41. Wasn’t Germany also kinda like Korea

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