1. Lmao! Wow! You just make statements and when someone challenges them, you respond like a 12-year old. Congratulations, haha!!

  2. You didn't challenge anything, you said you live your life. Keep going on with yourself. I hope one day you learn that your experience isnt the only experience in reality that we share. Thank for sharing your vulnerability and only yours.

  3. Omg, please stop reposting this!! It wasn't funny 6 months ago and it still isn't funny!!

  4. Haha!! My mom had a rooster that would get sidetracked by his own reflection in the basement window and by the time he looked up, his ladies were nowhere to be seen. He would run around in the exact same way until he had them all rounded up again. It was hilarious!! 😂

  5. He bought out every snickers and left them for the store and bought everything for the people waiting in line

  6. That sounds more like him. The title was a little misleading, lol.

  7. This is an old video and I'd still like to drop kick that asshole into next week for touching the baby. I fucking hate people that have to touch everything. The poor thing is probably terrified!! 🤬

  8. a bit of an overreaction but ok

  9. This video is just an example of how people have to treat every animal like it's a pet. They have to touch everything, these idiots are crowding both the seal and the dog to try and get a cute video. They are lucky that this poor baby isn't able to defend itself.

  10. I agree 100%!! But the people that have quit because they aren't having fun anymore are not the ones whining and sniveling about every little thing.

  11. So cute!! But for just a split second I thought that was an upside down kitten eating in its dreams....

  12. Omg, I just fell in love!! She is gorgeous!! And judging by the size of her paws, she's going to be huge!! 😻❤❤

  13. If I try that with mine, I have to worry about getting animal protection services knocking my door down. She gets all hysterical and screams like I'm skinning her alive, haha! My poor drama queen. 😂

  14. My daughter has a ship that looks like a Cylon Raider. It's called The Fourth Mark and I would pay real money to get it!!

  15. This is my favorite!!! I rarely take it off. I did that mission maybe 100 times and didn’t get it. Then went to my post office to clear it and saw the ship. I was like WTF!? Yesssss!

  16. Ngl, I'm jealous, lol. Of course my daughter has to rub it in at every opportunity. 😂

  17. He's so darn cute! How dare you don't jump up immediately to feed him! 😂😻

  18. Anything Destiny is worth sharing. Looks great! 😊

  19. I would enjoy it a lot more if I didn't have to listen to Eva's repetitive blabber. Her voice aggravates me even more than Eververse's.

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