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  1. Nothing says insecure more than still thinking about your HS bully and how you would totally one up them years later when they probably don’t even remember your name.

  2. 2008 and 2012 fucked and this was the end result.

  3. Imagine walking in on your child doing this shit. I mean, it’s not drugs or anything, but self respect is a thing.

  4. A cheap White Owl from the gas station. I like to believe I’ve grown since then.

  5. “Limited Edition” thank fucking God. Looking at this thing makes me want to sit on a knife. How the hell is someone suppose to see outside this thing? Those shitty screens look like they’re at least an inch or so above where the OEM dash ends, and they are already hard enough to see out of for shorter people. What do all those switches on the roof even do?

  6. Proof that you can enjoy something that barely lets a minute, ladies.

  7. What organized religion does the the mentally I’ll and how said religion responds to it all in one convenient place. I’ve worked with more schizos than I can remember, and religious fixation/purpose is a big player in their hallucinations.

  8. How can that be possible, it doesn’t say Taurus on it?

  9. Is this a CPX1? I have 2 and looks a bit different. Really like the cpx 2

  10. It’s a CPX-2 Gen 3. The 3rd gen has a different grip, upgraded metal trigger, picatinny rail, Glock 3 dot sights, and some internal parts.

  11. What's really brutal is how bad the writing is. These episodes get progressively worse.

  12. Be careful, people will call you racist if you don’t like the mouse’s Star Wars, unless the character you don’t like is a acted by a republican.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks this show is underwhelming? Just because Vader got to be a badass for 3 minutes this episode doesn’t hide the fact that the show has god awful action. Obi-Wan is not supposed to be some frail old man who struggles and runs away from a fight. He’s a sleeping giant who basically one shot killed Maul AFTER this show takes place; but yet he can’t even stand up to a lackey Inquisitor years prior? Also, this bitch was really teetering the line between arrogance and flat out telling Vader what to do which should be an automatic force choke.

  14. You're not the only one, but when we voiced out our complains we would be branded as haters and nitpick the series when Disney is doing a service for us to give us more Star Wars content.

  15. Don’t forget that even though Reva is easily the worst character (written and acted), we can’t say anything about it because that would make us “racist” or something. Disney really made sure to push that narrative hard.

  16. Most of the time when there is a mass shooting it's because the person was not right in the head in the first place. People that say it is more of a gun problem then mental health are choosing to not pay attention. You don't just open fire on other humans and show no emotion about it without having something wrong with you mentally. Soldiers and police officers even have to seek counseling after shooting someone. You know who else people ignored when they were kids. People like Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Charle Manson, the list goes on. All of them had signs that something was wrong with them mentally and they were just ignored.

  17. If a person wants to hurt people, they will find a way to do it.

  18. I work with teens with behavioral and mental health issues and the simple answer is, they think this shit validates them and makes them cool. Gang mentality is very cult-like and a group of even just 10~ kids like this can cause havoc for a school district.

  19. When AH was skyrocketing from being Geoff's side project to RT's most successful group, it was 5 people who each did some editing for the channel. Gavin edited videos. Jack edited videos.

  20. There’s no way any of the new editors or even new personalities are living comfortable lives like the OGs were back in the day. I imagine just working for RT/AH is worth shit pay for some people though.

  21. I've been following RT since the first few seasons of RVB. IMO they lost alot of its momentum when they switched their website from a community forum and media site to a streaming site. The community no longer had a central place to talk about the shows and cast and had to gather in places like reddit and twitter. I remember Bernie used to always preach about how every company needs to own its own home (website), and it seems like RT has kinda lost that over the years.

  22. I really regret never engaging in the community back in the day. It does seem like the lack of a community is the new RT way though. I think the last time a personality engaged with me on Reddit was Mica back in like 2016 or so.

  23. The real definition is a firearm capable of select fire (rarely ever owned by civilians). So not just semi auto, but also full auto and 3-round burst options. Semi automatic rifles and handguns are technically not “assault” weapons, but I guess if you call something a name enough times then that’s what they become.

  24. It was my understanding that this would be the final season of the show?

  25. Question, I’ve been thinking about buying the non-tremolo version of this guitar but I was wondering how the 5-way switch works? I’ve been reading up specs and I can’t find any info as to whether or not it’s coils are tapped or if the pickups have different voicings?

  26. Interesting, I’ve never played a guitar with that sort of configuration. Thanks!

  27. Call it hate if you want to; but you could have poured all the money you spent on the body under the hood and you would’ve made that little V6 fun as hell. I’m not a V8 purest, but I prefer function over form.

  28. Love your delay pedal. I had an overdrive custom made with a Spider-Man design, that delay would sit well next to it haha

  29. Why you picking them up man, they’ve got shit to do to. You’re gonna make them late for something. And also frighten and stress them out.

  30. It’s 2022 and this dude is molesting sick birds for internet points.

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