1. AC 3 - Rogue. All of the animations have their unique use cases and none of them are too over the top. Low profile walking/standing assassination for quick kills. High profile walking/standing assassinations to kill someone who sees you but is slightly too far away to do a low profile kill, this animation also guarantees that the enemy's body ragdolls behind you and falls flat which is useful against enemy's above ground as killing them with low profile can cause them to ragdoll down to the ground instead. We have the classic ledge assassination but we also still have high profile ledge assassinations to kill someone and climb up at the same time. High profile running assassinations for quick kills when on the move, this can also be used to push a guard's dead body into a bush or behind a corner. We still had high profile haystack assassinations with two versions, one where the enemy is close to the haystack and the other where they are far away in which case it turns into an air assassination from haystack. Unarmed takedowns are also very satisfying, you can either subdue them quietly or you can beat the shit out of them if there are no other guards around, I really like to use unarmed high profile takedown on a guard from behind and then shoot them when they get knocked out. Looks really brutal for Shay and Edward, they break their knees to make then kneel and then punches their face knocking them to the ground, then shoot them even if they are already knocked out.

  2. none of the og games combat is difficult at all. well ive never played ac1, but certainly ac2-4 all have very very easy combat

  3. Bruh none of the AC games are hard, AC 1 - Valhalla same diff

  4. How did he get it cinematic like this so much? Mine rarely went into cinematic scenes during combat

  5. It's the dark souls of AC games, hardest in the series so people are compelled to git gud with it.

  6. I've seen way more creativity in previous games, most of the stealth in AC Unity just involves throwing some smoke bombs and phantom blades

  7. BNR_ says:

    Talaga.. Surprised about that finding TBH considering mahirap na bansa pa Ph. nyan.

  8. Proud to be Pinoy? sumasalamin lang dito na kahit may trabaho, eskwela oh kung saan pa man eh puro laro lang ginagawa ng mga pinoy imbes na maging produktibo. Isama mo pa pagiging toxic nila basta naka on ang group chat or mic, they can't resist to be being toxic towards others, being racist for whatsoever reasons. Mahiya naman kayo lol.

  9. I'll go with Arno, his running feels light and swift, and his walking is both calm and intimidating.

  10. Bruh Arno runs like a 12 year old trying to look cool. Connor by far has the most realistic run animation.

  11. Zyra is dead. We can play the game again 🥲

  12. There are way better RPGs out there, if I wanted to play those I would play those instead.

  13. At the start you actually want to get close to the legendary ships and then fire heavy shots until you run out of ammo, those shots do an absurd amount of damage at close range. Get away from the ship and start firing regular cannon shots and mortars, try and make sure you never go directly against the wind when the enemy ship's broadside is facing you. For evasive maneuvers you can use the ram mechanic to move faster.

  14. Uhh actually you can do a wallrun eject, the timing is just extremely small for some reason

  15. Elite Hunters are stronger than Jaegars. Elite Hunters take way more shots to kill than Jaegars using the weakest pistol from each game and at any given time there can only be 4 or 6 Elite Hunters actively hunting down Shay while theoretically there can be an infinite number of Jaegars spawned on the map or if we're talking about in universe logic then both the British and American armies have a disposable number of Jaegar troops which I believe means that Elite Hunters should be way more skilled just by virtue of how few of them there are, that means Shay not being able to disarm them doesn't automatically mean he's less skilled than Haytham or Connor, Hunters are just more skilled than Jaegars.

  16. Fair point. A major difference is that Hunters can appear anywhere whereas Jagers only appear in Boston and New York. One could claim they're spread out due to the more evenly matched English and French armies fighting over the frontier. Yes, I acknowledge that's speculation.

  17. Counterpoint. Haytham is a great leader but I believe his overall skills are below Shay and Connor. When we played as Haytham in AC 3 almost every mission we were in had Haytham work with someone else, we had Charles and Hickey help us fight off the bandits, Charles and Pitcairn also help us against Braddock and his platoon, all of our templar allies help us infiltrate a fort to free the slaves, we even see that Haytham is somewhat reluctant to infiltrate a fort by himself as Connor's mom jokingly taunts him, Haytham also needed the help of the natives and his templar allies to kill Braddock.

  18. This is why western developers hated Elden Ring for not having a map or radar to handhold the players on every single quest/activity on the map. Good thing Elden Ring was a succes.

  19. You can climb the tree without ever holding the jump button, that means you can just hold high profile and point your camera at random directions until your character goes on the right path, you're character will never jump off at random. Besides all the trees are the exact same model anyway so once you figure out how to climb 1 tree you can pretty much climb all of them.

  20. You can spice up combat by using counter tool kills and tool kill streaks with the rope dart, pistols, and throw knives. I bet you didn't know you can continue a kill streak if someone interrupts your kill animation and you choose to throw or disarm instead of using counterkill.

  21. No offense, but I think you may be hearing what you want to hear haha When asked if the parkour would be comparable to Unity, the response was "we are hoping to achieve that level of greatness" which to me, especially taking into account their history of saying things like that and not delivering, just means they're spending a larger percent of the budget on animations than they did for Valhalla, not that they're bringing back Unity's parkour. I don't particularly want Unity's parkour back anyway, the lack of wall jumps makes precision impossible. It's still better than the one-button system from Origins forward and I really hope we get more manual inputs. Since it'll be in a big city I think there's a chance they'll complicate it some, but I'm not holding my breath since it's a side project that they say doesn't reflect the direction the series is going in. They put a lot of time and money into Unity's parkour system because they were assuming they'd get to recycle it for games to come like they did with the previous systems.

  22. I mean there's really only 2 ways of making a parkour system right now. It's either contextual or manual, considering Mirage is gonna be in the same engine as Unity - Valhalla then it's safe to assume it's going to have a contextual system. Well maybe they'll break our expectations by bringing back the old system much to the dismay of all the people in this subreddit who never learned how to parkour in the old games or they somehow create a new system that's gonna be filled with bugs just like Unity.

  23. I'm a completionist so doing all of the races really got me good at the old system, plus if you play the first game it's pretty important to get good at. I think games have become more fast-paced in general and people were frustrated by something as slow as the original system so that's why they 'streamlined' it and effectively turned Assassins into super heroes.

  24. Yeah, the simplest answer is that casual gamers don't want to improve at a game unless the game forces it on them in which case they will also complain. It's no wonder that the best rated games right now are games like God Of War, TLOS, Red Dead, Doom, Elden Ring etc. All games that are simple and straight forward. In Doom all you need to do is shoot people and move around a bit, in TLOS all you have to do is shoot and beat up zombies/people, in Red Dead the game holds your hand the entire time, in God Of War all you have to do is beat people up, and in Elden Ring all you have to do is dodge and hit people. Meanwhile for AC the game punishes the player for making some of the slightest mistakes like jumping off a rooftop because you forgot to let go of Legs. Not to mention that you can sort of cheese the game's mechanics, that is to say you did a half ass job but you still got the job done. You can cheese the combat by only using counterkill with the hidden blade, now you don't need to learn the actual mechanics of combat. You can cheese parkour by doing a half ass job and still completing a mission even though you jumped off a rooftop multiple times, you did a bad job but hey you still completed the mission so it's all good no need to improve, it's the game's fault for making you jump off a rooftop 6 times.

  25. Bayek is by far the best protagonist of the 3, it’s not even a contest.

  26. If the other 2 didn't have dialogue choices then maybe they could have a chance but yeah 💁

  27. Ezio wasn’t much better, neither was Connor. I really don’t get your argument.

  28. Fair point, Connor was pretty much ready to throw hands with Achilles over petty reasons

  29. i hope Sofia makes another game. They have proven that they can make good ac content like Rogue and Curse of the Pharaohs dlc for Origins

  30. Yeah, with the short time and resources they had to make Rogue, it still came out as an absolute banger of a game.

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