1. I mean they're not wrong, theyre batshit insane but not wrong, discrimination because of religion is a felony, given that they are in a western country (from context I'd guess USA)

  2. Those fanatical Christians that see demons everywhere who else could I mean in this context?

  3. Gab mal einen farbcode für die verschiedenen Subkulturen die solche Stiefel getragen haben(weiße Bänder waren Nazis, rote waren Punks, violette waren Goths usw.). Glaub ned, dass heute das noch viele wissen oder im Kopf haben, kann dir eigentlich egal sein solangs dir gefällt.

  4. As China either double down on wood army or walls, alternatively you could go for the German or British consulate right away for some dopps or muskets.

  5. Dopps would be good for that splash dmg but would 3 be enough lol , muskets are great too Will try both and double down on wood army

  6. If it's only insurgente dopps alone can do quite damage but yes you still gonna need some units behind them. Musketeers are the best counter to insurgentes hands down, they kann shoot them and have good enough melee stats to fight them hand to hand.

  7. My university does not tell me that I'm a Roman emperor, despite me wanting to hear it, why is the deepstate not acting upon it?

  8. Brb, I’m headed to your university and forcing the professors to feed you grapes by hand. Here, I’ll even put on a toga and play the harp for you.

  9. One of the most badass men in history, by the way. I wasn’t a big fan of the anime made after him, but I’m glad Yasuke is finally getting some recognition.

  10. I expected a somewhat historical anime but got some weird mechs which did quite disappoint me.

  11. Beauty. She’s a huntress. I trained mine to jump very high at that age, by holding a string progressively higher and higher. Cute pics, thanks for sharing.

  12. There are only a few places she can't jump/climb onto and I'd like to keep it that way xD It's so hard to choose a selection of pictures because all of them are melting my heart.

  13. Actually iirc you could still do the Cav Box on release, but it got patched some time later

  14. Really? I remember that everyone was celebrating that they won't be a thing in DE.

  15. The Japanese don't need a nerf right now, they are slow and heavy and need time to even get going. No need to change what is not broken.

  16. Would be cool a 5 Age option without wonder to modernize the civ to each asian faction

  17. Yeah, that's also an idea I had, instead of ageing up with a wonder to be able to age up in the TC like Europeans with the politician "The Emperor".

  18. Not really an expert, but samurai could be given gunpowder weapons and become something like a super-fusilier.

  19. Just less armor on display no stat changes, just because fully armoured samurai got rarer through the war.

  20. You're investing time and energy for an attempt to win, if you do it feels worth and that you accomplished something, if you loose it feels like your wasted your time and effort. There is no easy way out of it, like saying "it's just a game, why so invested", which isn't wrong but it's ignorant. But still you have to either manage to distance yourself from defeat or to find ways of dealing with frustration. Taking a break of a few minutes after loosing a game helped me a lot to cope with frustration. At the end you have to accept that you win some and you loose some, and you are entitled to be happy with the one and be frustrated with the other, it's how you deal with it that makes you a good player or a bad one.

  21. I know that the Sweden meta is different right now, but Sweden is a beautiful civ which was wronged time and time again by the devs and misunderstood by the players. Nothing feels better in aoe than leading a carolean-artillery mass into battle.

  22. The problem starts that historically grenadiers were from the 18th century on heavy line infantry that could carry charges into enemy lines and were recruited from the best and tallest soldiers, which makes them the elite indantries of many armies (Napoleons Old Guard for example), recently FE tried to represent this with the melee change to grenadiers but if it had to be representative then grenadiers would be like the Soldado. One could say the Soldado is the most authentic depiction of a 18th and 19th century grenadie. The problem that arises if we change grenadiers into that is obviously that they'd fulfill a too similar role like the musketeer (again historically correct but not good game design). But if we keep the funktionality the same as it is, as an grenade throwing siege unit (like earlier grenadiers were) then they clash with other artillery units that do the same job and often better or at more range like falx, leather cannons, abus gunners etc. Rarely anybody builds a foundry to train grenadiers. My solution would be to move the grenadier from the foundry to the barracks and/or make the grenade launcher an arsenal tech instead of a card. Then the availability of the grenadiers would be much higher and players would be actually inclined to use them.

  23. Echte Hilfe und weniger Steine am Weg zur Integration und Einbürgerung....

  24. And the best thing is aoe3 de and the community is growing, this year had the biggest aoe3 tournament since 2008 and lots of small ones. There are 8 more civs and 2 new continents in the game at this point.

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