1. It looks like there was water on the (now brown) leaves under a too hot sun. That's why we neet to water really early or after sunset.

  2. But I’ll keep that in mind, thank you

  3. I watered it just before taking the picture, the soil in the pot was completely dry a few inches down so I did that first.

  4. Thanks for copying and pasting a subtitle at me, the image just looks fake lol

  5. Ignore the people being negative, this is a really valid concern and completely goes against their own stated “morals”. Keep it up :)

  6. Pathing and Fencing make this game a battle every time

  7. I swear they’ve had this for years and we’re waiting for some big political event to bring it out

  8. Yes, and they learn via verbal communication. They're clearly capable of it. There's just no other way to produce a synchronized, seal sweeping wave over the ice. They have to be able to tell each other what to do, and when.

  9. How would they know what the repercussions are if they’ve never done it before?

  10. Have you posted any pictures of the full habitat? I’m really interested to see how it all looks

  11. It's not incredibly intricate, basically what you see, the "land" is about 4" in width and has a few live plants all the way around a foot deep tub (give or take..) maybe 4x2 in diameter. And it's all enclosed in a pvc cage.

  12. I see, well I’m sure they’re a very happy lizard!

  13. What’s the max player count and how many people are playing on average?

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