1. Personally i side with the Guy who make the "4 idiots" comics, those comics are pure gold.

  2. Ok so here is an Index of all the Primarch Duels with the winner and the source :

  3. I'm sorry, what.. Does curze have the best record of wins? How the hell is that possible?

  4. He can see the Future, he is an absurdly competant killer even for a primarch, his insanity make him unptedictable and he is willing to use tricks and tactics to win.

  5. If all of my enemies suddenly became insane and murder themselves ,I would count that as a win.

  6. There way more humans than men of iron in the end, if your opponent is dead and you are alive its a win.

  7. Because some cancer skeletons and space frogs had a big fight that fucked up the spirit realm. Everything bad that ever happened is a result of the war in heaven and how it ruined both the material universe and the warp.

  8. An Abhuman is a descendant of baseline Human settlers whose ancestors mutated and physically adapted to various extreme environmental conditions. Basically if your ancestors choosed to live on a planet with a strong gravity and your biology has adapted to that strong gravity after generations then you are an abhuman.

  9. What country is the best representation of "the average country" ?

  10. Wait, there’s been an actual warhammer this whole time?

  11. Yes, Sigmar from warhammer fantasy own a warhammer that is probably the origin of the name of the entire franchise, later GW added "40k" to their franchise that was supposed to happen in the future.

  12. Stone brick one sucks a bit more, cause there's already stone brick so adding more makes it look to similar Try mixing in some randomly placed cracked stone brick to the stone brick part and some mossy cobblestone and andesite in the cobblestone part

  13. The problem with adding cracked stonebrick and mossy cobblestone is that it make the tower look old and damaged, and thats not what want for my build.

  14. Then don't take any advice and enjoy it looking like shit I suppose

  15. To be fair ,I never asked for advices outside of the choice between cobblestone and stone brick.

  16. I fully agree, the downvote exist to show that you don't agree with something. And most of the time the posts and comments that are downvoted are the ones that have the most trafic and debates.

  17. 1 : Goro Goro no mi. Its one of the most useful and powerful fruit in the world, second fastest fruit, and a ton of useful abilities on top of being a Logia.

  18. Technically their tax evasion hurts you along with the rest of the country

  19. Considering how the governement of my country use our money I don't think i even want them to get that tax money.

  20. Probably Shaggy, his fannon counterpart is basically a God warrior with impossible powers.

  21. If Tyson only have Kryptonite gloves he would lose, batman injured himself by punching superman while wearing a Kryptonite ring on a glove made of Kevlar. And bataman is a comic book peak human so basically a superhuman by real life standards,so obvisously above Tyson.

  22. Why would it not heal DNA? Would it not just undo the concept of damage in general?

  23. There is nothing to prove that it could, so assuling that it would heal DNA is kinda NLF.

  24. Nope. If we assume that the potion effects last forever, Instant Health, which normally is not a lasting effect, will instantly heal any and all harm done to him.

  25. It depends on how the healing works, like could instant health heal destroyed DNA ? But if we stick to game mechanics then i agree.

  26. Usopp, he would die like a brave warrior by sacrifying his life to save his friends.

  27. He is a logia, he can change the shape of his body.

  28. Ik but his hair it's like they forgot to animate it , he wasn't regenerating after luffy hit him he's was just built with no hair

  29. I know, its a mistake from the animators. My first comment was mostly a joke.

  30. He was able to destroy stronger empires like the daleks. So i give the win to the Doctor.

  31. Have some respect, those baths are older than your entire country.

  32. I think Crocodile ability to absorb water from things and turn them into Sand is an awakening.

  33. My country have enough nukes to stop Russia from attaking us. So we don't need help from the US.

  34. Infinity Ultron would win, maybe Strange with the Time loop and probably Thanos with the IG if he has the time to Snap.

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